Nyambi Nyambi From The CBS All Access Show The Good Fight Dishes On The New Season, Robert And Michelle King, Jay Dipersia, Jollof Rice And So Much More

Written by: Linda Antwi – April 14th, 2020 time pst

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Nyambi Nyambi sat down with Afterbuzz TV to discuss all things “The Good Fight”.  This season of The Good Fight jumps right back into whether or not Dianne or Kurt are hurt. “The question is, what happened?” “What if Hillary won back in 2016?” In an alternate reality, what would happen, like in the Marvel or DC Worlds, if there was a different political outcome?  How would we be dealing with this current situation we find ourselves in? Would there have been a pandemic, would the economy look different? Would we be living in quarantine? 

Nyambi Nyambi plays investigator Jay Dipersia, and he says that “he is the moral compass of the firm”. His job is to really keep “all things in tact when it comes to the firm’s conscious sensibilities”.  Which, sounds like it is going to be an interesting job to maintain in this new Season 4, with all the twists and turns and alternate choices that could be made. Jay Dipersia, sees the firm as his family and wants to do everything and anything to protect this historically black law firm, by any means necessary.

So, who is Jay Dipersia?  Nyambi Nyambi uses the infamous quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life.”  Public Life is for public consumption, everyone has access to it. Private Life is by invitation only, like how Nyambi Nyambi invited us into his private life, for this interview, and a secret life…is nobody’s business! Jay lives in that “Secret Life”, so this season, that means, when it comes to Jay and his secret life, Nyambi Nyambi says “it’s nobody’s business”. We will see how Jay handles information and how that impacts the firm.

Nyambi Nyambi the actor, is known not only for his comedy chops from “Mike & Molly, his current dramatic role as Jay Dipersia, but he is also known for his “hoop skills” on the basketball court, as he played Division One basketball for Bucknell.  He draws and writes in his spare time and is an avid comic book lover and gamer. When asked if he will ever create a comic book series, Nyambi Nyambi replied, “the plan is to create a comic book series, where he writes and draws his own comics.” 

Now, when it comes to the great Jollof Battles, Nyambi Nyambi falls on the side of Nigerian Jollof as the best.  I definitely think that Ghanian Jollof is best, so we will be taking our Jollof battle to the Afterbuzz Studios the next time Nyambi Nyambi is in town, for a blind taste test!  We’ll air the results! Until then, you can catch all things Nyambi Nyambi on Season 4 of The Good Fight, on CBS All Access.

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