NWA Champion Shares How She’s Changing the Wrestling Industry for Future Generations

Written by: Emily Mae Heller – February 10th, 2020 11:02am PT

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Thunder Rosa, the new NWA Women’s Champion, shared how wrestling has not only changed her life but how this championship win can pave the path for future generations.

Rosa was a special guest on Women’s Wrestling Weekly this past Wednesday with hosts Emily Mae and Steve Kaufman where she discussed the history and importance of the NWA Women’s Championship and how she fought for her dreams.

“I started crying,” Rosa shared as she spoke about the NWA Women’s Championship. “One of the most special, like, experiences of my life, I’ve been reading about this, this, the history of this title, and it’s just, it has so many positive things, but it also has so many negative things, like, the in terms of what women wrestling had to go through before, you know, uh, before people could actually hold a title like now,”

The biggest feeling Rosa felt was empowered.

Thunder Rosa at AfterBuzz TV

The road to being a wrestler is a difficult journey with it’s up and downs. Rosa revealed the struggles and chances she took to get to where she is today.

“I come from nothing. You know, I’m from, I come from Tijuana. I was a girl with a lot of dreams. I wanted to go to college in the United States and I knew that education was going to be my ticket, my ticket out from poverty,” she revealed ”I found wrestling. So I took a chance.”

Thunder Rosa has been a professional wrestler for 6 years in such promotions as Lucha Underground, where she performed as Kobra Moon, Ring of Honor, and Women of Wrestling (WOW) where she performed as Serpentine. She is not only the new NWA Women’s Champion but is the first non-Japanese title holder of the International Princess Championship for Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling. In the fall of 2019, Rosa also signed and had her first fight with Combate Americas, a mixed martial arts company.

Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa continues to dominate the pro-wrestling industry by believing in herself, being consistent and dedicated.

“It took me a couple years before I like realized my worth, that I could achieve a lot of things and it didn’t matter if I had, if I was a second or third generation wrestler, or if I had a name on me. I was, will, was going to make a difference, and I was going to make history, because that’s what I put my mind into,” said Rosa.

And she sure has!

You can watch the dramatic feuds and non-stop action of this reigning champion on NWAPowerrr on Tuesdays at 6:05 pm EST on the NWA Youtube channel and on-demand on FiteTV. Follow her at @thunderosa22 on Instagram and Twitter for news on her upcoming 2020 shows.

To tune into the full interview, follow the AfterBuzz TV Sports & Entertainment channel and follow the link above

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