No One In Wrestling Is More Valuable Than Nick Aldis

Written by: Jack Farmer – February 25th 2020, 3:36pm pst

Everyone in pro wrestling wants to be the best. It’s the entire point of the shows different companies put on. Wrestlers facing off to determine who the top wrestler is in their company. But who stands out amongst all companies?

credit: NWA

Wrestling is experiencing another boom period. While TV ratings will never match what they once were due to the proliferation of streaming services and other channels, shows, and forms of entertainment pulling eyeballs away, it’s still impossible to deny the resurgence of wrestling. Companies like the WWE signing new, major deals with both Fox and USA networks, AEW being picked up by TNT (with a second show soon to be on the way), Impact Wrestling being successful on AXS as well as other companies with weekly shows that are also streaming such as NWA, ROH, and MLW. Business is booming and fans have more options for their wrestling than ever before.

Between these companies, there are 8 wrestlers holding a championship that claims they are the very best in the world (WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, WWE NXT, AEW, Impact, NWA, ROH, and MLW), which begs the question: Who really does stand above the rest? Which of these champions is the most valuable?

First, we need to answer the question: What makes someone ‘valuable?’ Comparing tickets, ratings, or merchandise sales isn’t a fair comparison, because companies like WWE have a marketing division with global reach that other companies like MLW aren’t going to be able to match causing that to be an unfair comparison, and in ring performance and promo style are going to be matters of taste. So instead, I look at who is the person that is most irreplaceable, the one that is the biggest linchpin to their companies previous, current, and continued success going forward.

As of writing this, the WWE hosts three ‘top’ champions: Brock Lesnar, The Fiend Bray Wyatt, and Adam Cole (Bay Bay). Lesnar has proven for years both in the WWE and in the UFC to be a huge draw, Wyatt is one of the most interesting characters we’ve seen in years, and Adam Cole has given us classics and match of the year candidates since he became the NXT champion, so all would prove to be valuable assets to any roster, however, if you were to remove any one of them from their roster, the brand they represent would still stay intact. This isn’t an indictment of how important they are and more an acknowledgement of how powerful the WWE brand is. Without any of these three, Raw would still maintain its ratings, Smackdown would still have great characters, and NXT would still showcase amazing matches.

credit: WWE/NXT

AEW World Champ Chris Jericho has been the star the company needed to help put it on the map and has been a focal point of the companies storytelling and promos since they debuted Dynamite last October. But if ‘le Champion’ were to walk away from All Elite Wrestling today, the company would still have Cody, whose promos and matches have been stealing the shows as of late, and Jon Moxley, an international star who is gaining immense reactions from crowds as well as a deep roster consisting of The Elite, Lucha Bros, PAC, and more. Also, the most recent Dynamite, ending with Cody performing a moonsault off the top of a cage, was one of the most well received Dynamite episodes so far and Jericho was hardly featured. So while he would be considered highly valuable, I would argue he isn’t ‘most’ valuable.


When deciding who the most valuable wrestler to their company is, I look to the NWA World’s Champion, Nick Aldis.

On December 9th, 2017, Nick Aldis won the NWA World’s Title and embarked on what was known as “The Aldis Crusade” taking on 20 challengers in 60 days across 3 continents to bring back the prestige of the 10 Pounds of Gold. He held the title until September of 2018 where he faced Cody in one of the main events of the now famous All In super show that later led to the formation of All Elite Wrestling. He won the title back from Cody less than two months later and has held it ever since.

During that run, the prestige and overall visibility and recognition of the title has skyrocketed. The company has been able to launch a new show, NWA Powerrr, off the back of Aldis’ run and have now launched a second show, The Squared Circle, off of the success of Powerrr.

credit: NWA

Being good in the ring, on the mic, and having ‘the look’ are all a given when you’re the top champion at a major company, but with Nick Aldis, it’s more than that. From the way ‘The National Treasure’ speaks, to the way he dresses, to the way he holds the World’s Title, he exemplifies the NWA. He’s the embodiment of the tradition and honor and respect that the National Wrestling Alliance has forged since it was created so long ago.

Much like the aforementioned companies, the NWA boasts a fantastic roster with members like Eli Drake and James Storm, who would be amazing as the World’s Champion, but no one in wrestling fits the mold of the NWA World’s Champion the way Nick Aldis does. He’s completely unique in the way he gives the company something, and someone, new to mainstream wrestling fans, yet still someone who is very nostalgic and old school in a way that suits the NWA just right, that no one else would be able to.

The term ‘best’ is always very vague, but in my opinion, no one on any roster is more valuable, than ‘The National Treasure’ and NWA World’s Champion, Nick Aldis is to the company, brand, and fans, he represents.

About The Author:

Jack Farmer is a live event host, DJ, and MC while also hosting various programs on AfterBuzz TV with a focus on sports, competition programming, music, entertainment and anything to do with live event hosting.

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