Nicole Leier Dishes About Working W/ Nicolas Cage

 Nicole Leier who stars in The Black Chicks shared what she loves most about producing, directing, and acting. Plus she discussed next steps for diversity in the TV and film industries.

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Posted On” July 16th, 2020 11:40 pm pst

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“I always say that I’m a producer by necessity. I’m an actor first and foremost, and directing is an extension of my acting”.

These are the words of Nicole Leier, a talented actress and filmmaker who believes that she has to take on many hats so that stories like hers will be told.

Nicole’s story had a rough start as she had to leave home at a young age, due to unfortunate circumstances. However, she believes that acting saved her life after an agent signed her and she booked her first major role on CBC’s Edgemont.

These days, the Leo-nominated actress is featured in starring roles alongside the likes of Hollywood legends Nicolas Cage and Benjamin Bratt. She also had an interesting story to share about her latest film A Score To Settle.

“That part was actually written for a man. I auditioned for a smaller part at first. I ended up reading for the male part of Sleepy’s Son, got a callback, and in the end, the writers, directors, producers, and casting changed the part and casted me.”

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First and foremost, We do this because it matters and all to often we don’t don’t support one another enough… We are BLACK PEOPLE! I build… I do not tear down other BLACK PEOPLE! I have felt the pain of being torn down and I have decided I will be deliberate about building others!! This is much more than just another social media challenge. This is a salute to all the BLACK Kings and Queens who have mentored and influenced many, and who have made the world a better place. I’ve tagged you because you inspire me and I see you! If I’ve missed anyone, I sincerely apologize. Let’s continue to stand strong, BLACK, and proud. ✊🏽❤️ #BlackLivesMatter #Love #Blackandproud #together #worldwide #whitehouse #weareatrongertogether #repost #tagsomeone

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The star also touched on how incredible it was to work alongside Nicolas Cage in this role. She mentioned that he gave her the old “good job kid”, which was completely validating for her and her career.

“Nicolas Cage was amazing to work with. He’s method…and I work in a method way.”

Leier even shared some insight into how thankful she was for this role and how she feels it’s a step in the right direction for POC and women in the film industry. 

“As a young black female, you see hope in the industry. You see that people are trying to make the change. We have a long way to go, but I see the change.”

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No more chains…. #blacklivesmatter #racismmuststop

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Nicole also touched on what she thinks is the best way for the TV and film industry to show the significance of diversity. 

“When they see black excellence, and people of color, and people of different backgrounds, and they see that their stories are so much more interesting, that’s the start. Also, to see these people in important positions like writers, directors, and showrunners.”

It’s safe to say that Nicole is leading the charge as a woman in these types of positions herself. While she couldn’t give too much away about her upcoming feature film, she did share that her production company Black Tree Pictures was hard at work developing its latest project.

If you’re as excited for Nicole’s new projects as we are, be sure you’re following her on social media @nicolegleier to keep up with her latest projects and see more of her captivating work that’s in front of and behind the camera.

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