Nicole Kang of CW’s Batwoman Fangirls for Supergirl Melissa Benoist and Ever After’s Dougray Scott, Applauds Diversity and Personal Touch of Show Writer Caroline Dries

Written by: Alikona Bradford – April 21st, 2020 10:22pm pst

Quarantine with the Stars: Nicole Kang

Nicole Kang, triple threat and star of the CW’s Batwoman, helped tame our self-isolation woes by hopping into Zoom to share her experiences in the DC world and in show biz, for all the AfterBuzz TV fans.

Being a part of a series that paves the way for diversity is something Nicole has spoken highly about in the past, but she digs a little deeper here, sharing why Batwoman is blazing trails in more ways than one, including that part of Kate’s story was inspired by a real-life experience of Batwoman writer, Caroline Dries.

“Together we had a huge responsibility. But, like, I’d say, ya know, with the Kate Kane character, the Sophie character and even Mary character, what’s insanely inspiring, though maybe the media focused on having a gay woman lead a super hero show, we also have so many levels of intersectionality, because we believe our audience is ready for it, recognize it, understand it, and actually relate to it more, because it seems more human.” 

Nicole also entertained our inner fangirl & fanboy by partaking in a rapid fire round of Q & A’s. Here’s what Nicole had to say.

      1.ABTV: Who’s the actor that you’ve learned the most from on set?

NK: Dougray Scott: who plays Jacob Kane and my father on the show. He’s just OG. I watched him in Ever After growing up.  And Learning from him has been my absolute pleasure. 

  1. ABTV: In regards to Kate’s love, are you Team Sophie or Team Julia?

NK: I am team LOVE!!  The messier the better! She’s here for the tea!

Credit:  The  CW/DC

  1. ABTV: Hardest scene you’ve shot.

NK: My mother’s death.

  1. ABTV: Is there a script or episode that shocked you the most?

NK: 17.  Which is coming up. On April 26th

  1. ABTV: Best DC Comic Book Movie

NK: Dark Knight Rises

  1. ABTV: Do you hope Mary can get a Super Suit?

NK: Excitedly “yes”. I think she hopes so. I, like, love Cam so much.  

  1. ABTV: Me and various people in the chat are wondering, do you ship Mary and Luke? 

NK: I feel like I can’t cause I’m putting my foot in my mouth. 

Credit:  The CW/DC

  1. ABTV Is there a Batman villain you’d love to see  on the show?

NK: Scarecrow would be really cool, any of the birds. Harley Quinn would be really badass. There are so many. 

  1. ABTV: Anyone you would love to see as a guest star?

NK: I would love to have Melissa Benoist come, you know during her light, easy schedule.  She’s amazing, and an amazing actor too. I just think that dynamic would be fun.  I like the light and the dark. This is me fangirling, but BD Wong’s character in the Gotham show, which is not our show at all..but he’s like so awesome…in the Alice world, are there any others like Alice In wonderland Characters that come through, that would be awesome.

  1. ABTV: Is there going to be a season 2? I don’t know if that’s been announced yet?

NK: Yeah, it’s been ordered!

To hear more about Nicole’s journey as Mary Hamilton and her wonderful life’s experiences, catch her interview on AfterBuzz TV’s Special with Nicole Kang. Follow her @NicoleKang

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