NFL Superstars Quarantine TikToks: Russell Wilson Toosie Slides Ciara, Zach Ertz w/ World Cup Wife Julie, Juan Thornhill of Kansas City Chiefs

Written by: Haley Graves – April 19th, 2020 6:07pm pst


TikTok has taken the COVID-19 quarantine period to a new level. TikTok has delivered entertainment to many homes that we never knew we needed. From spending hours learning new dances to convincing those you’re self-distancing with to tolerate your TikTok asks – one thing is for sure… TikTok is for everyone

And while TikTok’s algorithm does an excellent job at providing entertainment without much effort on the users part, you might still find yourself wondering who is worth a follow. TikTok has captured the attention from teens to the elderly, from the stay-at-home mom to the biggest NFL stars. 

While I am not a stay-at-home mom, I am someone who desperately misses sports. And not just sports, but the athletes that make them incredibly compelling. So here I am here to break down the best NFL players to keep up with on TikTok, because I promise it’s worth your while. 

Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson)

Okay, I can sum up this one pretty easily. Everybody 1,2, step. Yes, Russell Wilson’s TikTok is fantastic because well he’s married to the glorious Ciara. You’ll get alot of the superstar, their adorable family, football highlights and more from the Seahawks QB’s account. 

For example, Wilson and wife, Ciara, just crushed it on the #toosieslide together. Or really, this video is all Ciara but props to Russell for the effort.

Plus, good vibe family content as Wilson brings behind the scenes views of workouts with his 6-year-old step-son, Future.

Zach Ertz (@teamertz)

Okay, okay I know it’s kind of cheating giving Zach the glory for this account but he’s definitely the next best NFL player to follow, especially because you get to see World Cup Champion Julie Ertz also. The duo is absolutely hilarious together.

And both being champions at their respective sports, of course they will bring a competitive edge to TikTok and perhaps even challenges you could try in your own homes.

Plus this couple is exactly like every other couple on TikTok so might as well give them the follow for great content and ideas to try with your significant other to stay sane in quarantine.

  1. Juan Thornhill (@juanthornhill22)

Juan Thornhill is a safety for the Super Bowl Champions, Kansas City Chiefs. Thornhill is definitely winning on TikTok. He has original, hilarious content that pokes fun at different trends plus is the best of the best at showcasing his personality. 

We’ve all seen the #savage dance on TikTok by now, well Thornhill puts his own spin on the realities of the dance.

He also brings hip-hop star references which make him beyond relatable cause I’m pretty sure he’s on to something here….

He’s also trying to make his own TikTok dances take off, one of these days it just might so give him that follow before you’re too late!

Honorable Mention: Jamal Adams (@prez)

Jamal Adams gets all the praise for original content. He is slowly mastering the TikTok platform. 

For reasons like this… utilizing his platform of being a professional football player + original sound from TikTok. Listen for yourself.

Let me know if there’s any NFL players you follow that deserve to have Top 3 recognition! 

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