New York Mets star, Home Run Derby Champion, and MLB’s National League Rookie of the Year, Pete Alonso, Called Upon by Teacher to Surprise Geometry Class at Local High School in New York

Written by: Haley Graves – April 16th, 2020 10:42pm pst

Athletes in Quarantine: 

Some positive encouragement from New York comes from Mets’ star Pete Alonso who was called upon by a teacher at New York’s Jericho High School to surprise-assist with a geometry lesson. 

The high school teacher, Greg Berry, tweeted “Called in some reinforcements for our Cyclic Quadrilateral lesson!…” which was followed by a video where the teacher, in Mets gear of course, said he’d have the reigning National League Rookie of the Year intro the lesson for the day via Zoom. 

While having a star of this magnitude join your geometry class is exciting, the Mets’ first baseman admittingly said, “I don’t even know what the hell a cyclic quadrilateral is, I don’t know how to even say it.” However, while geometry may not be his strength, he did go on to give a shout out to the high school’s baseball team as well. 

“I know you want to get back on the field, but keep powering through and persevering.” encouraged Alonso. 

According to News 12, Berry made a donation to Alonso’s charity to get the Home Run Derby Champion to drop in on his geometry class. 

The news station also reached out to several students from the class to receive their reactions. 

“It made my quarantine…” said one student while another recalled his jaw dropped and seeing Alonso in their class for the day was “out of this world.”

The 25-year-old MLB rookie became an instant superstar in New York. He set an MLB rookie record, as well as, Mets franchise record with 53 home runs in 2019. 

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