Soulful Singer Lauren Lograsso, Follows Road to Glory with Anti-Gaslighting Anthem ‘Rise’ Release, Rising Above Lies That Corrupt Relationships

Written by: Jason Lucia – April 22nd, 2020 12:35pm pst


In trying times, one thing that can feed the light in us and give us hope is music. AfterBuzz TV proudly presents ‘Quarantine Musical Discoveries’.  These are the inspirational new voices emerging from isolation, cherished voices that get us through. It’s our pleasure to share them with you during this, our most challenging time.

Lauren Lograsso lit up my world a few months ago with her single “Road To Glory”,an anthem for those who have received a calling and who must press on, no matter how much a chaotic world may distract or dissuade you from the adventure of living a life that is actualized and authentic.  The world has upped the ante chaos-wise since then, and for those of us who have walked our own road or tried to, it’s harder than ever to remain resolute, to put in the daily practice and the passion to make the dream real when the world so obviously has other plans.  So “Road to Glory” remains on my playlist, in even heavier rotation.

“Rise”, Lauren’s new single,is also anthemic, in its way, but with an electronic swivel and hiss that make it a natural dancefloor experience.  The lyrics detail the empowered aftermath of a gaslighting experience.  The singer has been misinformed, manipulated, and made to doubt herself.  The experience has added to her share of struggles in an emotional place where she needed safety and truth.  

“You love to make me look crazy/Twisting my words on the daily/But you held me underneath your spell”on the daily.”

All too many of us have walked into relationships like that, where emotions ran so high and deep that we deferred the story of our lives to feed the stories of another.  We can relate to this pain on a personal level, of course, but the song could be addressed just as easily to the world that leads us astray with its false narratives in “Road to Glory”, or it could be addressed to, i don’t know, a society gone mad that profits from our confusion, though it threatens to destroy us.  

Change the instrumentation and the tempo ever so slightly, and “Rise” would make a provocative protest song.  Many of best songs have that quality, I find, having powerful emotional intention and yet leaving space for interpretation and application to memory and personal meaning.

But that’s over now, the chorus convinces us.  “You’ve kicked me down a hundred times/Tried to fill my head with lies/But through all the tears I’ve cried/…I will always RISE.”  The point of it is liberation from the constraints and projections of a selfish lover or a corrupt culture or a scene that brings us down, but the bridge of the song does allow us the dream of a judgement day (again, it could be an intimate judgement, or it could be revolutionary), when the oppressor is on his knees.  In that moment, Lauren (and every listener who’s been messed with and whoever we are when we listen to “Rise”) will be standing like a Queen, above it all and stranger for having been tested by the liars, who tend to remain on their knees once judged, lying only to themselves now because thanks to a song like this and the fire in Lauren that gave it form, that gaslighting spell has been utterly broken, the veils that weigh down what we see are cast off, and, yes.

We rise.

You can listen to “RISE’ and learn more about Lauren Lograsso HERE.

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