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Stick The Salsa Dancer and Tad Is No Longer Interested in Football?

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Posted On: July 27th, 2020 6:30 pm pst

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Now time for that review: SPOILER ALERT!

In the previous episode, we see that Tad got injured and may have prevented him from playing a very important football game. Friday’s game is important because scouts are not only there to see Tad, but also coach Victor who might be able to coach college football and in hopes of getting a job at the NFL again. Ashley helps Tad with his therapy in order to get better but is also feeling guilty for him getting injured. She quickly learns that Tad had gotten better days ago, but realizes he doesn’t want to play football anymore. He really plays for his dad and wishes he could audition for the school musical. But Tad doesn’t want to disappoint his dad and the coach. Both Ashley and Tad agreed to stay quiet about him getting better. But soon realizes the coach (Victor) is also being looked at on Friday’s game and decides to play for him. We also see Stick learning salsa in order to audition for the play so he and Brooke can spend more time together. 

When you do things you are not passionate about and under pressure it can be hard for anyone; especially if you’re doing it for others and not for yourself. However, it feels nice when you’re not doing something that you’re not passionate about anymore.You don’t want to disappoint the people you care about but we hope Tad has the courage to say no and finds what he is really passionate about. I am sure that Victor and his dad will be proud of him for choosing what he loves. This episode definitely teaches you about following your dreams.

Will we see Stick on Dancing with the Stars soon? I hope so, the boy has got fired moves, maybe the heels did do the trick? Either way, It was nice seeing him learning something out of his comfort zone to spend time with Brooke. We all know Stick gets very uncomfortable around too many people, and the fact he had the courage to ask the coach to teach him how to dance was very brave of him and comfortable to be outside of his comfort zone. We will be on the lookout for his debut on DWTS

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