Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Zoom Reunion Comes With A Proposal

AfterBuzz TV has all the gossip on Netflix’s JUST RELEASED Too Hot To Handle reunion! What is the cast up to or not up to and did Harry Jowsey really propose to Francesca Farago with a ring pop?! 

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Posted On: May 9th, 2020 7:43 pm pst

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Thought we were done talking Too Hot To Handle?  Well, you would be Too Too wrong! May 8th, Netflix dropped a Too Hot To Handle reunion show and let me tell you, this reunion was for lack of better words, not too hot to handle. I was so excited when I heard about the reunion and then I saw the trailer and wow, I was even more ready, but when I finally watched the show, and you guys let me know what you thought, because I for one was SO let down.

Let’s jump right into it – 

So, our narratorator of the show, Desiree Burch, the one always making those salacious and fairly savage comments (which we love), she talks one-on-one via Zoom with the cast members and gets the lowdown on what’s going on with them today. Okay, I’m sorry that previous statement was somewhat of a white lie, because we only talk to a handful of the cast members and don’t get to hear from a lot of the key players, which was weird, and we don’t really find out what’s going on with them, honestly we don’t really find out too much at all. It was upsetting. 

We start with the show’s “stars” Francesca & Harry, and I only say stars because they got the most camera time during both the show and the reunion, but, hey, nothing at all against them, they make great tv. So Desiree makes Harry apologize to Fran for never taking the blame for their first kiss and for blaming her. Okay, good start, but we need to know more. She moves into their ‘after the show relationship’ and they tell us they broke up for a bit and then got back together and are still together now. Everyone who has already instagram stocked them knew that, but okay valid, valid question. Francesca says Harry is a “born again virgin,” and they then admit they are planning to move in with one another in LA and that they’ve been ring shopping. Harry then, with a little coercing from Desiree, proposes to Francesca right then and there with a ring pop (… where did you get that Harry…??). We don’t get an immediate answer from Fran, instead we get dragged through the entire reunion and have to wait for her response.

Then it’s our girl Chloe’s time to shine, and we get zero tea from her!! No true updates besides that she is doing well and said that her phone “blowing up” after the show was a confidence boost. They then exchange and learn some new words with one another. It was fine, it was cute, but I wanted to know MORE. Give us more, Chloe! Are you dating anyone now?! You and Nicole are BFFs, how have you stayed in contact during quarantine?! Do you ever hang with David in London?? So much more I need to know. 

The whole cast then played a game and voted on who would be president, a police officer, who would walk around the house naked, and who would streak at the superbowl… no comment. 

Kelz’s turn – Desiree had Kelz “The Accountant” do some math and then she touched on if he was currently single. Kelz said yes, but that he was getting blown up by ladies from all over – DMs from girls from Brazil and even Pakistan he said. Then Desiree mentioned she had heard Emily Ratajkowski found him attractive and he didn’t really comment much on it. Again, we didn’t get too much info. Come on Accountant Kelz! 

Up next was the show’s bad gal, Haley – She said that 1 out of 10 her kiss with Francesca was a 15, and said that Francesca is “super hot,” but they are friends and she is a loyal person. She also said that she doesn’t take “life that seriously” and that’s why she didn’t get on with the people on the show. She also told the viewers her life motto, which is quite profound: “fu*k it, do what you want and fu*k who you want.” Even after those remarks, one thing I will say is that Haley came off nicer than I’ve ever seen her, so that was good.

Now the duo we’ve all been waiting for: Sharonda – Rhonda said she wouldn’t take anything back about her relationship with Sharron, she views it as a life lesson that she learned and grew from. Sharron said that they aren’t in a relationship, but they are still very close and he holds her close to his heart. Then Rhonda started crying and said that watching the show back brought up all the feelings and connections she had with everyone. When asked about what the future holds for them Sharron said basically “never say never,” but they aren’t together. Honestly, I’m confused.

Apologies everyone, we aren’t done quite yet.. Desiree then makes all the boys paint their “parts,” modeling it after the girls yoni puja workshop that they had on the show. Sharron drew an air freshener can, Matthew drew a cross and Kelz drew a lion. David won the contest with a 5/5 and Kori failed with a 0/5. I felt like this was kind of pointless, and I would have rather heard more from them and their current lives, but to each their own.

Finally we hear from Bryce, who after I got over his horrendous intro, I became a big fan of. Bryce actually admits to embellishing, or exaggerating if you will, his show intro (thank god!!) and said he had zerrroooo idea what he was in for when he got to the island. This was the best gossip we got all show. He also said that the retreat made him have more self respect and said he’s evolved as a man. Love that Bryce, happy for you! He then played a song for the crew that he wrote about his experience on the show, and they all danced along. I didn’t get enough from you Bryce, I still want to hear more. Come have a reunion with us!!

In the end we circle back to Harry and Fran – Harry says that Francesca changed his life and he loves her so much, and then Francesca says yes to the ring pop proposal. So, I guess they are engaged now! Congrats you two!

Long story long, there you have it: the reunion. I was bummed, left wanting more, and we didn’t even get to hear from my boy David, my girl Nicole OR “Jesus” Matthew. For some reason, though the three of them were on the Zoom call, Desiree just didn’t talk one-on-one to them. It was confusing and strange. So, minus the “proposal,” we really didn’t get many answers or much gossip from anyone. You all need to come do an AfterBuzz reunion, because truly our AfterBuzz aftershow panel, due to all of our Instagram stocking, had a lot more insight than this reunion did. 

Please take a gander, we are a lot of fun:

Thanks everyone for sticking with me, it’s been fun. Catch you later when there is more Too Hot To Handle gossip. Also, if you enjoyed this, share it with all your Too Hot To Handle loving friends. 

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