Netflix & Love Is Blind’s Kenny Barnes Faces Heat, Cameron and Lauren Hamilton Celebrate Loving Day

Netflix & Love Is Blind’s Kenny Barnes faces backlash after defending Bachelor’s Hannah Brown for using a racial slur, plus Cameron and Lauren Hamilton celebrate Loving Day

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Posted On: June 16th, 2020 11:32pm pst

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While Netflix captured intimate moments of the Love Is Blind cast, there are still layers we have yet to unfold. The show highlighted people from all walks of life in their journey to finding love. As we saw more of them on the screen, we fell in love with characters and some of us decided to keep up with their lives on social media. 

After the show premiered, fans saw more of the cast’s views on love and living situations rather than political affiliation and stances on social issues. With no camera crew or editing, we are now seeing some of the cast discuss these topics and their personal views.  

The Black Lives Matter movement has worked hard to raise awareness of social injustices and demand racial equality, and people have expressed their feelings on the matter. It almost felt pointless to visit their Instagram pages after viewing the cast as level headed and considerate individuals. However, that changed when Kenny’s profile came into question.

After Bachelor’s Hannah Brown recorded herself saying the n word as she sung lyrics, Kenny Barnes came to her defense. “If reciting lyrics makes one racist then I must not be going to heaven,” he wrote in a comment. He continued to converse with frustrated fans in Brown’s comment section. 

“The bigger issue here is that our society blatantly overlooks and accepts the immorality and filth that are these lyrics yet, in turn, aim hate speech towards someone reciting lyrics for entertainment purposes. We end hypocrisy together. We overcome racism together. We overcome discrimination together. If we continue to self-segregate and hide in separatism, we will never find resolve. Starts with the #maninthemirror,” he said. 

Credit: Kenny Barnes Instagram

Credit: Kenny Barnes Instagram

With such a heavy topic, castmate Carlton Morton caught wind of Barnes’s comments and wasn’t pleased. After initial frustration subsided, Carlton decided to talk to Kenny on Instagram live. Barnes expressed his support for the #blacklivesmatter movement, but failed to clarify his remarks and stance on non-black people using the racial slur. 

After seeing Kenny Barnes speak eloquently and respectfully on the show, his recent statements came at a surprise. Since the posts, he has uploaded videos, images, and statements in support of the Black community. Some fans have forgiven his actions, but others are still displeased with the star’s choices. 

Other castmates are using their platform to breathe positivity and support into the movement. Fan favorites Cameron and Lauren Hamilton have spoken on #blacklivesmatter and highlighted important milestones. With a fashion forward photoshoot, the couple celebrated Loving Day on June 12th. The day honors the 1967 US Supreme Court case Loving vs. Virginia. The ruling declared “there can be no doubt that restricting the freedom to marry solely because of racial classifications violates the central meaning of the equal protection clause.” 

The two are no strangers to speaking up. On the show, Cameron and Lauren spent time explaining their experiences and the importance of understanding their roles in change. During his Instagram Live with Carlton, Kenny Barnes mentioned having a private conversation with Cameron to gain a better understanding. We hope the cast continues to have tough discussions with each other and become educated on the embedded racism in our country. 

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