Netflix & Love Is Blind’s Cameron & Lauren Hamilton Re-watch Their Episodes

Netflix & Love Is Blind’s Cameron and Lauren Hamilton hold back tears as they re-watch theirs Scenes from the show on their YouTube channel 

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Posted On: July 21st, 2020 7:34 pm pst

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ABTV Loves Love Is Blind Weekly

With all of us stuck in quarantine, we’ve probably re-watched Love Is Blind at least once. The exchanges of I love you’s, romantic getaways, and heartwarming family meetings, makes it hard to stop watching the Netflix original series. While we have all gushed over the cast and your brain starts to wonder how the cast felt living these moments again. Cameron and Lauren Hamilton recently watched some of their scenes from Love Is Blind, and it was hard for them- and us- to hold back tears.  

Cameron and Lauren Hamilton are undeniable fan favorites. Although they were some of the first contestants to admit they loved each other, viewers quickly understood the bond they developed during their time on the show. Ever since then, we haven’t gotten enough of the couple and their YouTube channel has allowed us to keep up with them. In a recent video, the couple watched some of their scenes and told us what was going through their minds. 

 As they watched one of their scenes from the pods, the two revealed they were just as shocked as we were when they took the leap to share their intense feelings but felt it was something they couldn’t fight. After laughing about Cameron’s pillow positioning in the scene, the two went on to watch the proposal and reveal. Although they finally found their match, they still had doubts on the unique process. 

“At this point I was questioning if you were a real person,” Lauren explained while watching the reveal. “Like, I thought that maybe these doors would open and be like ‘sike, this was all a prank to see if you would really fall in love’ or like you were an actor or a robot.'” 

 Moving on to the scenes of them living together, the couple got to the bottom of Cameron’s willingness to share a toothbrush. As they re-watched Lauren’s hilarious facial expressions after hearing Cameron’s secret, he finally shared the back story with his wife and fans. He stated that he has only had to do it once on a camping trip with his parents after he discovered that he didn’t have his own. Cameron assured his wife that his parents boiled the toothbrush in hot water and he would only share one again in emergency situations. 

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Right before this experience, I was just at the point where I had given up on the fairytale. Feeling like we sell little girls these dreams of a Prince Charming that doesn’t really exist. Clearly God had the last laugh. I was open minded entering this experience honestly never expecting to fall in love and become the happiest I’ve ever been all while being recorded for the world to see. When I said Cameron looked like a Prince I meant it… he to me embodied everything I had dreamed of in my fairytale… Kind, smart, loving, selfless, brave could make me laugh and cry all in one conversation… but most importantly made me feel valued and loved. Of course like anything in life we are humans and not without struggle. But as you mature you learn that the struggles are what strengthen you and help you realize what needs more care. Im excited to continue this next chapter with you Mr. Hamilton. Us against the world. Bonnie and Clyde (minus the shoot up) 😉 #LoveIsBlind currently streaming on @Netflix 📺❤️ 📸 @lajoyphotographyllc

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While they kept their composer watching scenes of them sharing space for the first time, the water works started when the couple watched their wedding. As the camera showed the two walking to the altar, the couple admitted that their nerves were through the roof the entire time. Although Cameron gushed over Lauren’s beauty, she revealed that she wasn’t a fan of her make up that day and it still makes her a little sad. Of course, this is understandable because who doesn’t want everything just right on their wedding day? Shortly after the two saw each other exchange I do’s, Cameron cheered as if he was living the moment all over again. Due to the elements of recording a show, the couple shared that their wedding reception was pretty much a blur, but they enjoyed seeing their families support them and have a good time. 

As the reception comes to an end, Lauren pushes through tears to tell viewers that it is impossible for her to watch their wedding without crying. No worries Lauren, it’s almost impossible for us too. For more Love is Blind news and updates, follow the Afterbuzz TV Loves Love is Blind series and share our stories with other people who are still obsessed with the show. 

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