Netflix Love Is Blind’s Cameron and Lauren Hamilton Virtual House Tour

Netflix & Love Is Blind’s Cameron and Lauren Hamilton Give Virtual House Tour On YouTube And Share Stories From The Pods 

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Posted On: May 26th, 2020 11:16pm pst

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ABTV Loves Love Is Blind Weekly

Love is Blind pulled us in for so many reasons. Not only were they trying to find love through a wall, they took it a step further to ensure the compatibility of the potential wedded couples. We got to see them on vacation, live together, and visit each other’s homes. As viewers watched every step, it was no surprise that our prince charming Cameron Hamilton had the perfect castle for Lauren Speed Hamilton. After explaining that  he bought the house in hopes to share it with his future family, we have all wondered how the couple would make it their own. Well, our prayers have been answered! 

Recently, Cameron and Lauren posted a house tour on Netflix’s YouTube page. Before the couple even makes it to the living room, their dog Sparx makes a grand entrance. After the 9-month-old Airedale Terrier received proper love and belly rubs, the welcomed cameras into their residence. From the show, we knew they would ultimately live in Cameron’s house, but it was Lauren’s touch that brought everything together. 

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Getting some fresh air with man’s best friend.

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“As you can see it’s a lot different than in the bachelor days. Um, you know, more than just this couch. We’ve got curtains now, we’ve got decorative pillows, we’ve got roses on this really awesome mirrored coffee table that Lauren had in her apartment that she brought over, which I love,” Cameron said. “You know, she decorated the mantel, so it just feels a whole lot more homier than it was when it was just me. And I love that, you know, like- cause I never really knew how to decorate a home”. 

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*sips tea* The crazy thing about #growth is that it’s uncomfortable. Not only for you but sometimes for those who witness it. When I was younger, I use to get aches my mom told me it was growing pains because my bones and muscles were stretching… and I was growing taller. Same with life. When your life expands and you shed the skin of what you use to be sometimes it bothers people. A) because you are morphing into something that is unfamiliar to them and B) Because sometimes witnessing someone’s growth makes people analyze where they are in their OWN lives and that can create discomfort within themselves and that can cause envy. Any living thing that is NOT constantly growing or evolving is DEAD. Whether that’s as individuals, as a society, in a career, in a relationship etc… Growth can be painful. But the question is … do you want to endure the discomfort of growth or would you rather die to make yourself and others comfortable? I don’t care how uncomfortable my growth makes people. I’ll Never dim my light to make people more comfortable with their own shade. Y’all Keep shining, keep growing… keep evolving because a lot of people will recognize the light but they can’t handle the glare. 💫✨⚡️⭐️🌿#shineonyall

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While the two explained certain design choices, it was evident that they both want to feel comfortable and represented in their house. Lauren showed her fiery red couch from her previous apartment and Cameron gave an inside look to his computer lab. In addition to the things unique to them, they showed some additions that highlight their union. 

“We’ve got all these awesome supporters and some of them are kind enough to make these fan drawings or really nice pieces of art for us and this particular drawing is one of our favorites,” Cameron shares as he points to a drawing of the couple’s first kiss. “A fan sent it to us and it just captures, you know, one of the best moments of my life. We’re just so blessed to have people who care enough about our love story to do this kind of thing for us. And you know I think going down the stairs every morning, I just love to see it because it kind of reminds me, not that I need more reminding, but it reminds me of the blessings we’ve had.” 

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I waited to post these because I was waiting for them to get it! Here is a color pencil drawing of my favorites that I did as a wedding gift. It was completed on February 25th. I got it framed after the wedding aired. I was sooo excited when Lauren’s brother @nickspeedent agreed to help surprise them! And he did just that. I am forever grateful for his kindness during this process. When Lauren put it on her story, I cried genuine tears. I just wanted to gift them because their love has been a gift to myself and sooo many others. I’m so happy that they like it! It was an honor to capture them. I worked on it everywhere I went (hence the McDonalds video, while waiting on my mom). God has given me a beautiful talent. I’m grateful that I get to share it with so many! Thank you @lovely_kay11 for pushing me to give the color piece of them a try!!!! I’m so grateful that God placed you in my life. You’re the dopest best friend ever!!!!!

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As they take supporters on a virtual tour, the couple relive some of the moments we saw on the show. The transformation of the master bedroom and the porch where the couple had important conversations, brought viewers back to the first time we knew the pair were made for each other. The Hamiltons continued showing us around and shared an important gift exchange that we didn’t get to see in the final edit of the show. 

“My parents, when they first got married, they planted two trees in their backyard. They were just little saplings, now they’re huge, the size of the house. So that’s kind of what I had in mind when I gave Lauren the plum tree back in the pods. I’m just happy to see it maturing now,” Cameron shared as he stood in front of the trees planted in his own backyard. 

 Of course, we try to savor every cute moment between Lauren and Cameron, but the house tour had to come to an end. After watching the two discuss how they would blend their spaces on the show, it was nice to see how they were able to compromise. I wonder how much of a say-so Sparx had in the interior design.  

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