Netflix and Love is Blind’s Mark Cuevas Talks Vulnerability With Too Hot To Handle’s David Birtwistle on Instagram Live.

Netflix and Love is Blind’s Mark Cuevas and To Too Hot To Handle David Birtwistle Talk About Vulnerability, Romance, and Mental Health on Instagram Live

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Posted On: May 6th, 2020 6:55 pm pst

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Netflix has shown us more than one way to find love. Whether it’s in the pods or on a secluded beach, dating has expanded beyond apps on your phone. Although some of our favorites are still hopeful singles, they have learned a lot about navigating relationships. 

Mark Cuevas, who jokingly reminded fans he is now 26, chatted with Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle David Birtwistle on Instagram live. The two talked about their time on the show and what they learned from the experience. This was definitely the ‘nice guy’ mash up we all asked for.  

They started the live talking as if they had known each other for years and credited their natural chemistry to their respective shows. Mark and David explained that the workshops and lessons allowed them to be vulnerable with people, even if they have never met. 

Before getting too deep, Mark applauded David for his conversation with one of his cast mates. After expressing interest in the same woman, David took a step back and insisted his friend move forward with the relationship. David added that it felt like the right thing to do. 

“I was just doing the thing that was the right thing to do in the situation. But what’s cool though, and it’s a bit different, is that it encouraged people to think less selfishly maybe. Like kind of, you don’t always have to be- the alpha isn’t always the guy that gets the girl. You don’t have to prove yourself to other people,” David said. 

Both of these stars walked away single but learned useful tactics to apply to other relationships in their lives. Whether it was talking to a wall or covering themselves in mud, the two slowly chipped away the walls they built up. 

“True connection doesn’t just fall romantically. I think true connection can go into friendship, like yo dude this is what I’m going through and I don’t like need your help but I can be vulnerable with you an allow that kind of space and as men we don’t necessarily allow that sometimes to happen. Until you go through an experience that humbles you,” Mark explained. 

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Drinks in the Garden 🌱

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Although their main takeaways were applied to existing affiliations, David shared his better understanding of romantic endeavors and what he hopes to add to his next one.  

“Men always perceive relationships when it comes to women it’s always like objectifications, or it’s about like one upping them, or it’s about the kind of role of a man in a relationship and actually, when you think about, how it’s going to be the happiest in a relationship is if there is openness and honesty, and all of these things where each person knows how the other one behaves in certain situations, how they can react, they cannot judge someone for reacting a certain way, they can help them through that,” David shared. 

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When you find out Lana’s rewarding personal growth and not just getting into a couple 😁 . This was one of the best parts of @toohotnetflix because it shows that you don’t have to have a girl/boyfriend in order to progress in life. . It made me see that when we work on ourselves and make us better, we can then make a future relationship better. . All too often we jump back into a relationship because we feel safe there, without really reflecting on the last one or thinking about how we can become better people first. . For me, the three things I want my next girlfriend to be are outgoing, considerate and self aware. And obviously top bants 😉 . What are the top 3 personality traits you want your partner to have? . #actionsreflectpriorities . #relationships #toohottohandle #netflix #personaldevelopment

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Another thing these two have in common is their love for working out. Toward the end of the conversation the two shared how physical health increases their mental health. They agreed that training isn’t about having the big muscles but rather dedicating yourself to something you love. 

To conclude their brotherly chat, they encouraged people to be themselves and allow the people around them to do the same. When we become comfortable with ourselves, we can continue to pay it forward. 

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Mark and David are still single and are interested in building a romantic connection in the future. If you missed the talk, no worries! Mark saved the live and posted on his Instagram @markanthonycuevas. While you’re at it, check out David’s page @David.birtwistle. 

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