Netflix and Love is Blind’s Jessica Batten talks the show and new relationship

Netflix and Love is Blind’s Jessica Batten Breaks Her Silence While Talking To Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe On Her Podcast Off The Vine

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Posted On: May 21st, 2020 4:32pm pst

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While watching Netflix’s Love Is Blind, a lot of us were wondering what was going through Jessica Batten’s mind. Whether she was letting her dog drink wine or highlighting her age difference, we all wanted to pull her to the side and have a chat. After the show ended, Jessica didn’t comment on her experience outside of a few statements at the reunion. Recently, she joined Kaitlyn Bristowe on her podcast, Off The Vine, to share her thoughts on her time during the show and update fans on her love life.  

Jessica Batten has been flying way under the radar since Love Is Blind aired, but she is finally ready to share her truth. During the podcast, she starts from the beginning and recalled that she was very hesitant to throw herself into this chance at love. After taking a leap of faith, Jessica knew Love Is Blind would be a success.  

“The production company created this show called Married At First Sight and I used to watch it and think ‘this is my worst nightmare.’ I didn’t know until we showed up, that it was the same production company putting this show together and they wanted to sell it to Netflix…so we were in a soundstage in South Atlanta and we were right next to Jurassic Park and ours was bigger. So, I knew just based on the amount of money that was being spent, that it was probably going to be a big deal and that Netflix would buy it,” she shared.  

Jessica went on to admit that watching everything play out was just as hard for her as it was for us at home. Reliving some of those moments was nearly unbearable for Batten and put her in a bad state after the launch. Although viewers saw more of her wine consumption, Batten revealed that she was struggling with some other things while participating in the experiment. 

“Seeing yourself blackout drunk and knowing that everyone you know and love is seeing it, that’s been really- you know it’s been a nightmare to be honest. Um, but yea I mean once I knew I was in a really bad position and that I had gotten way over my head, you know the issues come out. It wasn’t just drinking. I don’t know if anyone else noticed cause it didn’t come out. It’s the one thing I didn’t get shamed for, was like my weight, at least that I didn’t see it. My dog got shamed for her weight but not me. Um, but actually I gained ten pounds. When we got to Mexico to the wedding, like I was just, quesadilla, taco, whatever it was, I was just binge eating. Obviously, I was binge drinking, I was just uncomfortable, and I didn’t even realize,” Jessica said. 

While explaining each step of the show, Jessica shared that she knew Mark Cuevas wasn’t the one during their trip to Mexico. The two built a strong emotional connection in the pods but after cuddling on the first night, Jessica confirmed that it wasn’t enough. It’s no secret that the age difference between the two bothered her and she admitted that she still isn’t comfortable dating outside of her age range. She continued to say that a 20-something  is simply not in the same stage in their life as her. 

On every episode, we saw Jessica struggle with her romantic feelings. Often, a lot of us wanted to go ahead and make the decision for her. She wasted no time asking big questions and weighing out all of her options. While she emphasized that she ultimately wanted to make the best decision for her, Jessica shared what kept her sane through the process. And no, it was not wine.

“The thing that got me through was that I knew I was being honest about my feelings. I was really trying to live in my truth, and I didn’t want to sign someone else up for something that was going to be heartbreaking,” Batten expressed. 

Although we didn’t see her happily married in the season finale, Jessica is dating someone new. She didn’t spill all of the beans, but she did say that they are taking things slow. She also revealed that quarantine has helped with their communication and she is really happy in her new relationship. Who knows, maybe she feels like she’s back in the pods. 

Before concluding the chat with former Bachelorette star, Jessica gave some advice for anyone participating in the next season. 

“Be ready. It’s not an engagement at the end. It’s you’re engaged, and you have to be fully committed in that because you’re going to be planning a wedding. If you have any reservations while you’re planning a wedding, it might not go the way you want it to go,” she said.  

Even though she was voted Netflix’s Villain of the Year , it is nice to hear that Jessica is finding ways to address issues that were displayed in the series. Now that this first interview is out of the way, we hope to hear more about her time on the show. 

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