Netflix and Love Is Blind’s Carlton Morton Hosts Birthday Banger On Instagram Live

Carlton Morton of Love Is Blind on Netflix hosts Instagram Live birthday celebration with Cynthia Bailey, Malaysia Pargo, and former cast-mates Ebony Alexis, India Bridgeforth, and Lauren Chamblin

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Posted On: April 27th, 2020 9:48pm pst

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From car parades to zoom brunches, people have gotten creative with their quarantine-styled celebrations. Love Is Blind’s Carlton Morton put his own twist on things and honored his birthday with a star-studded Instagram Live party. 

With his living room decorated with the finest balloons you can find, Morton kicked off the celebration with cast-mate India Bridgeforth by his side. Shortly after the party was started, they added Ebony Alexis to the call. Don’t worry if you don’t remember these two, they jokingly admitted that they barely received camera time on the Netflix hit. After enjoying a seafood boil provided by Ebony’s mom and taking shots, the party was just getting started.

Model and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey joined to share some well wishes and cherished memories. Prior to seeking love in the pods, Carlton was Bailey’s assistant and was featured in previous seasons of RHOA. Cynthia recalled how they prepared for the launch of her modeling agency with just “a chair, a little desk, and a fax machine.” Carlton and Cynthia laughed as they remembered how excited they were to receive their first call. Before Bailey left the Instagram Live, Carlton shared how accepting and supportive she has been throughout his career. 

The celebration didn’t stop there as Basketball Wives’ Malaysia Pargo joined in on the fun and even brought a “gift.” For his birthday, Pargo promised to set him up on a date with one of her followers. Carlton agreed and immediately ran down his list of requirements which included: love for God, love for family, and acceptance of his fluidity. As potential prospects flooded the comments, he emphasized that whoever he ends up must also respect his ex-fiance Diamond Jack. 

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This morning, I woke up, thanked God for another day, rolled over and meditated. I felt like with everything happening in the world, I should try my best to do more to attempt to gain forgiveness from my ex-fiancée. I posted a photo of us from our reunion show and did not want to write a long message that could potentially get misconstrued. This was a follow up from yesterday’s shoutout. She looked amazing and I wanted to support and also bring some attention to some of our other beautiful castmates you should know because you’d love them! Well, needless to say, that went crazy and I received all types of messages from all angles. So let me make MY (Carlton Morton’s) angle CLEAR. I reached out prior to the show many times. A little before the show we had conversations that were hours on the phone. We were good. It wasn’t on no dating stuff. It was on some “are you ready for it to air? Can we stick together?” We agreed to stick together as friends/ex-lovers bc we both felt like the world may not understand our journey or story. That didn’t happen. It was too much. Nothing prepared us for this moment and nothing ever could. It’s part of the journey. So when I see people say why do I still care? Because she is someone I truly was in love with and wanted to marry. I messed up horribly by responding the way I did. In the moment, I became defensive and I didn’t have to. Watching the show, I fell for her all over again. We don’t get to see each other’s footage or confessionals until you all see them. Though I’d love to have a conversation with Diamond, I do not want to add anymore anxiety or stress to her. I love her enough to respect that trying to be her friend just isn’t what she wants. I want to apologize to any of you I’ve offended. I appreciate those of you who support me and see my heart. I pray one day forgiveness will take reign. And if not, we know we both tried. I love you. Though I feel so hated by you right now, our greatest moment will never leave my heart. I APOLOGIZE. Please be okay. I just really needed to get that out. 💙 (Trolls, I’m tired of defending myself. Go ahead & get it out but please remember I’m human.)

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To round-off the party, fan favorite Lauren “LC” Chamblin brought her signature smile to the party. With three castmates on one call, it was only right to dish some of the things we didn’t get to see on the show. Carlton and LC revealed that they were set up on a date in the pods. The two recounted how they sat in silence and confusion for the first ten minutes because they hadn’t expressed interest in one another. After realizing the production crew was trying something new, they formed an alliance and helped each other decide on their top choices. Morton also told viewers that India “friendzoned” him in the pods after he expressed interests. There might not have been a romantic spark but the two are appreciative of their close friendship. 

With good food and friends, the only thing that’s missing is music! The three wrapped up the celebration with a dance break and karaoke. India and Carlton sung Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and more as LC cheered them on and waved her wine glass in the air. Not sure how Carlton will be able to top this celebration after lockdown is over.  

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