Nene Spits On Kenya and Producers Intervene! -S12 E18 & E19 ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Review & Recap

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Get in here y’all! It’s about to get real with the Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show. It’s no holds barred as we break down all the tea and give life to the craziness that this show presents every week. Georgia’s capital just got a little more Bravo. When the Real Housewives of Atlanta are at play, we’re watching every move– on the AFTERBUZZ TV REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA AFTERSHOW PODCAST. Come listen as we talk all of the tea coming straight from the affluent of Atlanta, themselves. And make sure to stick around for all of our news, gossip, and special segments.

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Tonight the ladies are still in Greece and they are trying to come together. Nene has been reaching out to Kenya- really trying to apologize and Kenya is having none of it! Let us know who’s team are you on! are you team nene or are you team Kenya? Do you think nene acted appropriately? Do you Kenya handled it well? Subscribe and let us know-
  • The after show was hosted by Lian Castillo and Drew Jones.
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