NBA Twitter Reacts to Kobe Bryant Tribute and More on Episodes Five & Six of The Last Dance

“Kobe Was My MJ” said NBA Star Trae Young After The Last Dance’s Tribute to Kobe Bryant Plus Find Out More NBA player Reactions to Episodes 5 & 6

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Posted On: May 4th, 2020 7:57 pm pst

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ABTV Loves The Last Dance

After the first four episodes of The Last Dance did some pretty significant legwork on the storylines of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. Viewers who weren’t quite up to speed on the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls are fully immersed at this point. This allows the docu-series to finally get into the real good stuff – insert Episodes Five and Six which debuted Sunday night. 

Episode Five was hard to watch. It was unexpectedly emotional for me, as I’m sure it was for many basketball fans who fell in love with the sport within the last 20 years. 

The reason? A moving tribute to Kobe Bryant, who unexpectedly passed away in a helicopter crash earlier this year. 

Aside from seeing Kobe reflect on the 1998 All-Star Game with Michael Jordan, he also credited Jordan with much of his success. I referred to this portion of the episodes as being hard to watch, and they were. It was emotional to watch this documentary knowing that Kobe Bryant, who is also one of the greatest to ever step on a basketball court, is no longer with us. Knowing that when these episodes were recorded – Kobe had no idea the emotions an audience would feel from watching him on their screen. 

I wasn’t alone in these #feelings. 

Los Angeles Lakers’ Quinn Cook was right there with me. He tweeted that the intro tore him apart. Going on to say, “Man I wish Kobe was here to see this man. Thank you for sharing that beautiful and special footage Mike! We miss you Bean!” 

Atlanta Hawks star, Trae Young, tweeted “Kobe was my MJ”. 

While Jamal Crawford said “It will never feel real Kobe isn’t here with us…” 

While many young NBA stars acknowledged Kobe’s greatness, it was the older players in the 1990s that really hit home. 

The documentary took the audience into the Eastern All-Stars locker room where several players discussed Kobe and his game. Meanwhile, we were able to listen to Bryant recall what it was like for him during this time. 

He mentioned how it wasn’t easy coming into the league during this era. “Cause at the time the league was so much older. It’s not as young as it is today,” said Bryant, “So nobody was really thinking much of me. I was the kid that shot a bunch of airballs, you know what i mean? And at that point Michael provided a lot of guidance for me.” 

He continued to give credit to Jordan on the development of his own turnaround shot and that Jordan had told him “If you ever need anything, give me a call”.  Bryant even referred to Jordan as a big brother. 

However, I’m sure if Kobe Bryant was here to watch the documentary unfold today, he would be cracking up at Michael Jordan’s comment, “That little Laker boy’s gonna take everybody one-on-one.” Because let’s be honest, that was just exactly how Kobe did things.

On Monday, Shannon Sharpe commented on Kobe Bryant’s statement from the episode, “What you got from me is from [Michael Jordan].”  Sharpe said on the FS1 show Undisputed that Kobe Bryant was the closest thing we’ve seen to Michael Jordan. 

As the two episodes went on, we saw a lot of basketball and even more insight to what exactly it was like to be Michael Jordan. 

While the episodes exposed the trivial times that Jordan had to endure due to his fame, Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell wasn’t going to let noticing some of the perks slide either. 

Meanwhile, Pau Gasol – a former teammate of Kobe Bryant with the Lakers, had a different type of appreciation. In episode five, we were taken deep in the story of the 1992 Olympics ‘Dream Team’. 

The episode acknowledged the role the ‘Dream Team’ played in the expansion of the NBA on a global scale. 

“The DreamTeam inspired and shaped international basketball during the Barcelona ‘92 Olympics. I was one of those kids inspired by that team. Thank you,” said Gasol. 

And that wasn’t where the inspiration stopped. A huge point of emphasis for these two episodes was the magnitude in which Michael Jordan was beloved. However, in the most Michael Jordan fashion, he hit viewers with a quote that just stuck. 

It especially spoke to U.S. Women’s National Team’s two-time FIFA World Cup Champion, Carli Lloyd. 

Overall, it was another successful Sunday with The Last Dance, and I think now more than ever we can appreciate why everyone wanted to ‘be like Mike.’ 

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