John Krasinski’s Message From NASA, Brad Pitt Weather Report, & Honoring COVID-19 Heroes

Written by: NAME NAME – Emily Mae Heller, 2020 4:21pm pst


We Love John Krasinski here at AfterBuzz TV! John continues to surprise us with his mad DJ skills, his special musical guests and the emotional moments he captured on this week’s episode of Some Good News. Our ‘AfterBuzz TV Loves Weekly’ series highlighting the current actions of select brands and celebrities continues. It’s even more fun every week now  that we’re covering one of my favorites, AfterBuzz TV Loves John Krasinski Weekly.  

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After a wild Friday night DJ’ing Class of 2020’s prom, John hosted another episode of Some Good News. On this week’s episode there was a special message by three US Astronauts from the International Space Station. A dream come true for many!! There was a quick drop-in from Meteorologist Brad Pitt giving the weather in the best way possible. And a tribute to all of the men and women who are fighting on the frontlines of the global pandemic. 

There were beautiful stories highlighted throughout the episode spanning; grocery store clerks dancing down the aisles, dual Superman’s sanitizing the streets, the happiest UPS driver making deliveries fun and safe, a public utility worker singing to a 94-year old grandma for her birthday from afar, the Avengers running Trader Joe’s, and 99-year old Captain Tom Moore raised over 20 million pounds for charity by doing laps around his yard. Wow! 

Source: Some Good News

The biggest moment of the episode was a video message from NASA astronauts on the ISS. Captain Christopher Cassidy, Dr. Jessica Meir, and Dr. Andrew Morgan shared their experience being isolated in space and the breathtaking view of our blue and green marble in space. 

Source: SGN

These astronauts shared with the SGN audience that they are celebrating 20 years of continuous human presence on the ISS and conducting thousands of experiments to help those of us back on Earth. They break up their days of isolation with eating, exercise, connecting with family and friends and looking out the window (of course!). 

The main message for all of us was,“This is some good news, the Earth is still beautiful. An Earth in crisis is still an Earth worth returning to.” What a much needed message as we celebrate Earth Day!    

Source: SGN

We will continue to watch how John will bring smiles to our faces and give back to the community. I hear there is a special cooking show in the works? Whatever he cooks up, we will be beaming with joy.

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