Mya, Lodric D. Collins, & More Share Tips For Success

Some of your favorite stars attended the Culture Creator Awards, and shared their tips for finding success. We have the list to let you know! 

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Posted On: June 30th, 2021 8:51 pm pst

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It was all about black excellence at the 5th annual Culture Creators Awards! The event focused on black leaders making a change in the industry from technology to fashion and more!

Swizz Beatz, co-founder of the Verzuz Instagram webcast series, received the Icon Award. While Derrick “D-Nice” Jones, the man responsible for Instagram Live’s Club Quarantine was honored with the Innovator of the Year Award.

Many stars including singer and songwriter Mya and actor Lodric D. Collins attended the ceremony on Saturday to support their peers. They also gave insightful tips on how they achieved their success.

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“Love what you do, make the passion lead you, but also be very smart, and learn business. Business is key to doing anything so that you can do your art when you are in any industry. I think it’s key for artists to be able to protect themselves, especially black artists and artists of color.” Mya explained on the importance of protecting yourself when pursuing your dream in any field.

Lodric D. Collins, star of the upcoming film Respect was also in attendance. He touched on how he was able to gain the success he has now.

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“Don’t pursue it as a hobby, pursue it as a career. Once I pursued it as a full time career, things started happening.”

The actor’s hard work landed him a role on Tyler Perry’s The Oval, where he says working with Perry has been nothing but amazing.

“He is probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with. It’s a blessing to be in an entity with someone like that. He likes to share his wisdom and his stories.”

Speaking of hard workers, singer and songwriter H.E.R shared which idol she would love to collaborate with in the future.

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“If I had to pick just one I would probably say Stevie Wonder, because Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest and he’s amazing, I look up to him so much”

What are some of your tips for success? Let us know in the comments.

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