My Celebrity Encounter with Billy Porter on Golden Globes Eve Spoiled Dessert

How My Celebrity Encounter with Billy Porter of Pose and Broadway’s Kinky Boots went from casual dessert with friends into a night to remember…

Kay Montgomery

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Posted On: April 28th 2020 10:41 pm pst

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ABTV My Celebrity Encounter…with Billy Porter:

Most of us have had at least one celebrity encounter in the span of our lifetimes. The AfterBuzz TV My Celebrity Encounter Series shares personal reminiscences of encounters with favorite celebrities and influencers.  From the time we sat on a plane next to Tiffany Haddish to the time we stood in line at Starbucks behind John Krasinsky, these are the honest and true celebrity encounters our AfterBuzz TV writers have experienced and now share with you. 

There’s no denying Billy Porter is a true talent. He’s close to EGOT status. He has earned an Emmy this year through his role as Pray Tell on FX’s breakout hit Pose. He’s won a Tony award for his role in Kinky Boots on Broadway. The cast album for Kinky Boots won a Grammy. All that is left is an Oscar. 

On top of all this Porter has truly established himself as a fashion force on any red carpet he graces, getting applause from world famous designers as well as Hollywood’s elite. Cue the adorable Gif of Glenn Close marveling at his tuxedo gown in 2019. 

So imagine my complete and utter delight when we walked past me as I stuffed my face with chocolate cake and ice cream at a swanky hollywood night spot. My husband only has a cursory knowledge of Porter, but thank goodness I was with a couple who both were stans. As we spun further and further into madness trying to talk each other into approaching him and obsessing about his outfits, my husband hatched a plan. Yes, plural, outfits! He left and came back in an entirely different look. Both fabulous, one with a hat to die for. 

My husband is an artist and was working on a piece for TJ and Archie, the other couple, so he’d brought his sketchbook along with some samples. He came up with the idea of sketching a picture of Billy and presenting it to him as a way for us to meet him. My hubby stopped him just as he was about to leave. He was very gracious and immediately introduced himself. He said demurely that he would not be taking pictures, at which time my husband whipped out the drawing. He took it in, said he loved it then remarked playfully, “Ok, I guess now, I’ll give you a picture.”

Rest assured this wasn’t our plan. We were just happy to meet him. There were four of us and after the photo he went around and asked each person’s name and what we did for a living. He was interested in what we all had to say and was very warm and generous. He was so sincere-truly interested in us four old marrieds out on the town when he’d be hosting The Golden Globes Red Carpet the very next day. He whipped us into a frenzy when we asked about his outfit for the Globes carpet and he replied in a conspiratorial tone, “I can only give you one hint…feathers.”

That kind of attention and careful note of one’s fans, is something that many people who’ve had a celeb encounter will tell you is rare. But then again a talent like Billy Porter is rare.

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