My Celebrity Encounter w/ The Bella Twins and How They Treat Fans IRL

Written by: Bryant Santos – April 20th, 2020 11:44pm pst


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Have you ever wondered what The Bella Twins are like in person and how they interact with their fans IRL?

As a gigantic fan of The Bellas, I knew they would be absolutely incredible and sweet, but I was NOT expecting this. Here’s my story about my celebrity encounter with The Bella Twins.

Growing up on the small island of Guam, where virtually no celebrities visit and no big events like concerts or festivals occur, I knew that The Bella Twins were the first celebrities I had to meet when I moved to Los Angeles.

Since they recently retired from the WWE ring, I knew that a meet and greet at a WWE event would be harder to come by. However, when I saw that they were being advertised for USA Today’s Wine & Food Experience, I knew that I had to be there.

With this event, The Bellas were set to take on a nationwide tour to promote and celebrate the launch of their wine label Belle Radici, and talk about more exciting things they have coming up in the wine industry. When I saw there was a stop in LA, I bought my tickets and mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared myself to meet the two women who inspire me the most in all of entertainment.

As I arrived at the event, I received a special wristband for having VIP access to The Bellas Meet and Greet called Wine Down with The Bella Twins, where there was a wine-centered Q&A and photo op. I got in line, and literally took deep breaths not knowing what to expect.

These were two women who I had seen on my television for the last decade on my favorite shows like Friday Night SmackDown, Total Divas, and Total Bellas, so I was definitely experiencing a lot of emotions and anticipation, in the waiting room alone.

As it got closer to the scheduled time, I overheard loud cheers coming from the corner of the room and looked over to see The Bellas making their entrance into the auditorium like only they can. Even just in passing, they waved at every single fan in line and even hugged some of them that they could stop for (before being pushed forward by the event organizers).

At this point, I was so ready to get started and when the doors flung open, I was so happy I could cry! I think I probably was crying!

We all took our seats in the auditorium and got started with the Q&A portion, with everyone asking questions ranging from Belle Radici to Birdiebee to even how Nikki was doing after her recent break-up. When it was my turn to ask a question, I regret the surface-level question that I asked, but it was just surreal to hear them talk to me. After they sweetly answered my question about the launch of my YouTube channel, giving me advice on how they grew their YouTube channel to now over 2 million followers, we moved into the photo op portion of the meet and greet.

At this point, I was so nervous! I was thinking, how will they be with their fans? Are they going to be as sweet as I hoped? I didn’t know what was going to happen! BUT, when it came to my turn with them, it was everything I could’ve asked for and more.

Not only did both Nikki and Brie give me the sweetest hug ever, but Nikki said she even remembered me from social media! As one of the most loyal members of the Bella Army (this is what the Bellas call their fanbase), I am constantly posting photos in my favorite Bellas merch from WWE Shop, Birdiebee, and even with Belle Radici, so I was so honored when Nikki mentioned that they always see my posts.

I still remember to this day how Nikki said, “I always see you on Instagram. You’re so Fearless and you look amazing in red!”


Even though the photo was less than favorable (thanks for nothing Wine and Food Experience employee), I’ll at least always have the memory of this incredibly sweet encounter that was all I hoped it would be and so much more. Thank you to both Nikki and Brie for being absolutely genuine, compassionate, and for truly caring for their fans who care so much about them.

This encounter was undoubtedly life-changing for me because not only did I get to meet two women who I look up to, and who inspired me to want to get into entertainment, but I also got to see how they truly are in such an intimate setting. All of this just proved what I already knew and believed that Nikki and Brie Bella are two of the hardest-working, most empowering and inspiring women in entertainment, and I have never been prouder to be a member of the Bella Army.

If you want to see what The Bella Twins are up to these days, catch up on Total Bellas Thursdays at 9PM on E! Also, check out their shared Twitter account @BellaTwins, their YouTube Channel: The Bella Twins, and their Instagram accounts @thenikkibella and @thebriebella to see more of our favorite twins!

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