Music Review: I’LL TAKE YOU HOME by Halle Johnson

Written by: Jason M. Lucia – February 10th, 2020 11:45am pst

Sometimes you hear a song at just the right moment, when you’re at your wit’s end and you need to hear a voice that finds its strength in beauty, a voice that’s been there and back despite its youth, a voice that reminds you that we make our own cages and a higher voice inside you is singing you home to a place of safety and self-acceptance, a home you can believe in.

In the song “I’ll Take You Home”, Season 16 American Idol alumni, Guitar Center Singer Songwriter award winner and AfterBuzz TV Host Halle Johnson plays the role of that voice inside to perfection. The lyrics are open enough for these to be the words of a lover, but Halle’s voice invites us to a place beyond all the carnal scheming and mating games that occupy most of what passes for the lovesong in popular music. She’s taking the listener to a home where the weathered soul gets nourished and made young again, young enough to brave the challenges of life, knowing there’s a place we know where we can always be accepted in our totality.

That place might be in the arms of a lover or a mother who has loved you unconditionally or the divine (in whatever shape it takes through the lens of your spirit), or a future you, wise from all the moments you have yet to live, forgiving and loving all your faults because she sees their place in the big design of you, reminding you how much you already know, from everything you’ve been through.

Reminding you there’s a home in your heart where you can slough all the costumes and the anxieties that define you and remember how to love yourself, thereby deepening the love you can authentically offer up to others and building the home you can safely take them to for healing in their times of desolation and disconnection.

However you hear this song, whoever seems to sing it to you in your mind’s eye (on the wings of Halle’s powerful soul rock chanteusing), you might NEED to hear it sometime, when the night is too long and you’re so far from home you’re not sure who you were when you lived there.
In a sensually rich and yet spiritually selfless way, this song reminded me to be me and to be at home in me.

I know Halle Johnson’s been through some harsh initiations on her road (almost losing her life to illness, almost losing the very voice that now bears the grief and joy of her journey) and she must have had to draw from someplace deep to keep her heart so open that it makes music like this. That’s a place we should all get acquainted with. I did google her bio and I learned the specifics, but you can hear her journey in the voice, in the warmth and joyful generosity and confidence of this song.

Halle Johnson is someone to watch and listen to.
She has much to sing and teach.

Halle’s website is can be accessed HERE.

About The Author:

Jason M. Lucia is a media critic, columnist, and professional ghostwriter whose work has been published under several pseudonyms.  He was raised in Medford, MA.  He went to school in NY.  He lives to rhapsodize the stories he loves on the page and in the flesh.

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