MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness Player Rogan O’Connor On Going Into His First Elimination

The Challenge’s Rogan O’Connor Explains Why He Almost Left The Show, What Happened With Bear and Kailah After The Season Finished Filming, and Why Jay Keeps Going Into Eliminations

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Posted On: May 1st, 2020 4:32 pm pst

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ABTV Challenge News Daily:

Fresh off a win on War Of The Worlds 2, Rogan O’Connor is back this season on The Challenge Total Madness ready to claim victory once again. 

He Joined AfterBuzz TV, and did he spill some tea! From revealing why Jay continues to get thrown into Purgatory, to going into his first elimination, no question was left unanswered.

“I’ve always wanted to go into elimination, even in season 34, when I skated by and didn’t go into elimination, I offered myself to go against Bear instead of Joss, it wasn’t shown and people just said I played a scared game.Said O’Connor.  “Believe it or not I’ve always wanted to go in. When I came in this season even before the red skull came in I was so keen to get down there. As you’ve seen the first three guy eliminations I tried to get in everytime. and eventually I got my chance and made the most of it. 

On the latest episode of Total Madness we’re left with a cliffhanger after Rogan and Jay go head to head in a full out physical elimination.

Credit: MTV

A lot of controversy surrounded Rogan’s decision to go against Jay, someone who’s much smaller than him. 

“I actually talk to Jay more than anyone else, and I love him to bits. Looking back I can’t skip around the fact that it was a cowardly move.” Said O’Connor on his decision to go against Jay. 

“I thought I was going to look badass but I didn’t, I looked like a bully.”

The Elimination was in fact very emotional for Rogan. Something that didn’t make it to air was The Challenge Champ was almost going to leave the show due to the passing of his grandfather.

“My grandad passed away a couple of days before that [the final], and  I almost actually left the show.  I was really emotional at that point for a lot of reasons.” Explained O’connor. “There was a lot of emotion that went into that, and unfortunately Jay took the grunt of it.”

Speaking of Jay, The Challenge rookie could not catch a break when it came to going into Purgatory, and according to Rogan that was all part of Wes Bergmann’s plan, which he called “operation red skull.”

Credit: MTV

“Wes got in everyone’s ear when it was Asaf versus Jay, he kind of went, whoever comes back chuck them straight back in, we’ll call it operation red skull, and so we’ll only ever throw in the red skull.”  Explained O’Connor. 

Someone who had eyes for Jay was season 34 Winner Dee Nguyen, and according to Rogan that was all part of his plan. 

Credit: MTV

“Me and Jay were boys in the beginning, and I was like do you know what you could do for me that would be the best favor ever? I kinda got this girl  [Dee] that’s stalking me, and I want to hook up with all the other girls, but I can’t  because she won’t leave me alone, so will you do me the biggest favor in the world and hook up with this girl [dee[ for me , and he did. Not a lot of people know that, I don’t even think Dee knows that.”

Dee and Jay weren’t the only ones hooking up. Last night’s episode revealed the Kailah and Bear hookup that was teased during the Total Madness super trailer. Spoiler Warning for those reading ahead. According to Rogan, after the show finished filming the two didn’t end things on the best of terms.

Credit: MTV

“After the show finished filming Kailah moved to England to move in with Bear, i speak to Bear and he goes, yeah kailah did come and live with me for a couple of weeks actually, and then I got bored and sent her home.” Said O’Connor.

Not too long after this interview Kailah Casillas responded to Rogan’s comments via Twitter.

“Just to clarify, I didn’t move to the UK after [season] 35. I went there for a few weeks and left. No one sent me home, if anything the opposite. I wanted to go, and had things to handle in Vegas.” Said Casillas.

We can’t wait to see the conclusion of Rogan’s very first elimination. Win or lose, The Challenge champ came to play the game with his eyes on the prize.

You can catch Rogan on MTV’s The Challenge Total Madness every Wednesday night, and also make sure to check out his clothing brand Bear Wear.  

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