MTV’s The Challenge Alum Mark Long Dishes On Who He Wants To Host All OG’s Challenge Competition Show

In an exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV, MTV’s The Challenge alum Mark Long is answering your questions about his all OG Challenge show. Who will be the host? What is the working title?  Plus how this show will be different than The Challenge. AfterBuzz TV’s very own Challenge Guru Benny Adams has the scoop.

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Posted On: July 20th, 2020 2:04 pm pst

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The Challenge “Godfather” Mark Long is gearing up to take reality TV by storm.

Last month Long revealed he’s pitching a reality competition show that consists of only OG cast members from The Challenge. Since the big reveal, a number of fan favorites have agreed to be a part of the cast.    

The Challenge legend talked exclusively to AfterBuzz TV and revealed more news about the potential Realty series, including who he wants the host to be, and why this new series will be different from The Challenge.

 “I see this as a surreal life house that we’re living in, but the backyard is almost like a big brother type backyard where we do nostalgic competitions. I want to see people in speedos in their 40s trying to melt ice with their a**. I want to bring back all the fun, I want the same music from the 90’s that made our show a hit, I want it to be such a throwback that people just sit back and smile.” Explained Long as he shared his vision of the show.

Mark also revealed the cast will be staying put in the States while filming the new reality series.

I don’t want to have to take them on a plane to Europe or down in South America or Thailand. I want this to be a domestic show. I want it to be somewhere in the states.”

If you thought a handsome reward for being the winner of the show was off the table, then think again. Just like The Challenge, The OG’s are going to have to compete to win that grand prize.

“There will be stakes where they’re playing hard. I want it to be a cash prize, I want people to be getting social, to be politicking, to be competitive as hell, so I think a cash prize and a big chunk of change has to be the goal.” Explained Long. 

As with any reality Competition show, there has to be a host, but don’t expect to see T.J. Lavin or Mike ‘The Miz’ take on that duty. That’s because Mark already has someone in mind, and that someone is himself.

“I pitched this from the beginning. I’m one of the only castmebers that has competed on a challenge, has won a challenge, that has hosted a reunion show, and that has hosted an actual challenge, so there’s no one better to host this thing than the Mark Long, the Godfather himself.” Explained Long.“I feel like a lot of the cast members that I called look to me as a figure that will play fair, that won’t play favorites and they respect me. Let’s be honest I hosted out in LA for 20 plus years so it’s not like it’s something new to me.” 

As for the working title of the show, Mark revealed it’s something simple, but yet effective.

“The loose working title is called The OG House. Simple, to the point. Could that change? Absolutely. .. but The OG House just sounds cool. 

One big question fans want to know is if MTV will pick up The OG House, or will it go to a completely new Network. According to Mark it can go either way.

“I want to make sure that the cast members I bring in are treated fairly, they’re paid properly for their time, and they feel good about it and might want to come back for a season 2 or 3. So my thing is why not reach out to people who I think are perfect for this and see what they have to offer and see what kind of deals they can bring to the table.” Explained Long.  Would I love to go to MTV and have them do it because there’s such a history? Absolutely, do I love BMP which produces it? Absolutely, I’ve spoken with them a few times now.”

Speaking of cast members, Mark says he already has over 40 people who are ready to compete, but has not offered a spot yet to Challenge vets Johnny Bananas, C.T., or Wes Bergmann.

“I haven’t reached out to them yet…  I think as I go down that rabbit hole of talking with production companies and networks, of course CT’’s name has to be involved, or Johnny, or Wes. Would they be ideal for the true spirit of what this is going to be?  I’m not sure;  Am I saying that I would never not want them? Absolutely, those guys are my friends and those guys have had a history and built this show.”

Mark continues,

“What I wanted to do was give those viewers an opportunity to see those faces male and female, that they haven’t seen in years. In a perfect world I’d like to at least start if I could with some of those new faces that people haven’t seen, but if someone absolutely wanted C.T. or Johnny or Wes on I would absolutely consider them to be an asset to the show and would not say no to that.   

Someone who Mark really wanted on his show was Challenger Theo Von, but unfortunately like Mike ‘The Miz’ The Challenge Vet had to decline.

“Theo would add such a great spark of humor and comedy to it, but unfortunately he’s not able to do a full format of this. He actually reached out to me and said look if it’s something where I can come by and maybe be a part of it on a certain day I can definitely be up for that.” Said Long.

Credit: Theo Von

As far as who he can’t wait to see participate on The OG House, is none other than Challenge champ Eric Nies. 

He was the model guy, the athlete…. Now Eric is a holistic healer, he takes people into the woods and detoxes them. He’s a total naturalist.

Mark explains, “he tells me he walks around the compound of his house sometimes butt naked, and he saves his urine every week, and at the end of the week washes his hair with his own urine. That’s going to be a real treat inside the house. It’s going to be like living with Bigfoot because this guy is such a different person than he was when you saw him, and I want America to see that.”

With all the news about The OG House making its rounds, many fans are wondering when they’ll be able to watch it on their TV screens. 

“I think COVID-19 is going to play a huge part of when we can get this fully going. I think we’re off to a great start. I think right now we could be looking at an early 2021 kind of thing, definitely not this year just because of what’s been going on with the pandemic.” Said Long 

That being said, even though fans won’t see the OG’s reunite this year, Mark has high hopes for what the future holds. 

“The time is right, the feel of the show is right, the cast is right and most importantly the passion and the fans is at an utmost high, and I love and appreciate that.”

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