MTV Challenge Total Madness Player Dee Nguyen: Love Triangle with Rogan O’ Connor and Jay Starrett, Girl Power on The Challenge, and Message to Jenn Lee.

Written by: Benny Adams – April 22nd, 7:25pm pst


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Dee Nguyen is proving she’s a force to be reckoned with. Fresh off her win on War Of The Worlds 2, The Challenge champ is back, and this time on The Challenge: Total Madness ready to claim victory once again.

Nguyen was a guest on AfterBuzz TV, where she talked about the love triangle with herself, Jay, and Rogan, as well as the huge amount of girl power this season.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the season so far was if Dee was aware of Rogan O’ Connor’s actions on War Of The Worlds 2. 

In season 34 both Rogan and Dee fell for each other, but he betrayed her when it was revealed that he wanted to throw her into elimination. They made up after, but Rogan made some comments behind Dee’s back, comments that Dee said she wasn’t aware of until later.

“I live in Australia. In Australia we do not get The Challenge from MTV Australia, I don’t know why. We’ve only just got on MTV Australia recently, so when I was filming 34, and I came back, the episodes that I was watching were late…. I caught up after I finished filming 35.”  Explained Nguyen. 

It seems like Dee doesn’t have any hard feelings though, especially now that Rookie Jay Starrett has caught her eye, resulting in a love triangle.

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“My one motto in life is don’t hate the player, hate the game, unfortunately, I’m a player and he’s [Rogan’s] a player as well, whatever happens happens, unfortunately Jay got caught in this messy weird love triangle.”

Someone else who got caught in the drama was rookie Jenn Lee, someone who Rogan had eyes for. 

Both Dee and and Jen didn’t get off to a fresh start, but the challenge champ has nothing but love for the girl. 

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“I do not hate Jenn Lee, I am proud to share the screen with another Asain female. There’s nothing better than to have two strong women on the screen.” Said Nguyen. 

Speaking of strong women, while filming this season Dee bonded with many of the women on Total Madness, and hopes those special moments make it to air.

I love Mattie to death… Ashley, I really liked her last season, and I love her more this season, I’m stanning her more as a woman. Aneesa is cool, she’s got a lot to teach, and the Holy Trinity is cool because they’re just funny, they remind me of the girl group I have. Also the Big Brother people Kaycee and Bayleigh… they teach me something.” Said Nguyen.

Dee also revealed a major truth bomb, and it was all about “The Holy Trinity” Alliance, which consists of Nany Gonzalez, Jenna Compono, and Kailah Casillas. It turns out she was the one who came up with the name.

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“I came up with the term Holy Trinity, Those 3 were always together…  Nguyen said, “It’s just their best friends in real life, and it’s like a girl gang.”

Coming back to The Challenge Dee continues to stay humble even after her epic Win on War Of The Worlds 2.

“I still don’t see myself as The Challenge Champ, sometime I get caught up and I’m like oh my gosh I did win, I did win the money.” 

We can’t wait to see how Dee does this season on Total Madness. Make sure to catch her every Wednesday night on MTV.

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