Jessica Sutton of Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem and The Kissing Booth on Netflix Talks Tally Craven and Witchy Sisterhood With Taylor Hickson and Demetria McKinney

Written by: Gunner Teixeira – April 14th, 2020 4:31pm pst


Jessica Sutton is spectacular.  Days are better when they are spent interviewing great women like Motherland: Fort Salem’s very own Jessica Sutton. She’s spell-tacular, and she could not stop raving about how important a show like Motherland is. 

You fell in love with her first when she appeared in Netflix’s The Kissing Booth as Mia, and you can re-fall in love with Jessica Sutton as she is killing the role of- my personal favorite on the show- Tally Craven, who Sutton has described as “a living exclamation point!” Sutton says her character’s innocence is what really makes her a fan favorite.

“I was just thinking about it, it’s a testament to how playing Tally was like a love letter to my 10-year-old kid self. … you kind of just know growing up just brings a world of hurt, and that kind of kid is going to learn some tough lessons… just wishing that we could somehow preserve that… just be that 10-year-old self that wishes and believes that she could save the world.”

Now Motherland: Fort Salem embraces the voices of women and utilizes a witch’s voice to create magic for the U.S. Army. Upon arriving on-site, Sutton was quite nervous she herself was going to have to perform a lot of musical abilities she didn’t possess.

“I was the last to arrive at the table reading. So I had a lot to catch up on, and one of those things was that she was actually was going to be a huge kind of singing local component to it and nowhere in the self-tape nowhere in the brief did I see any kind of need to sing or talent for singing.” 

She raved over her castmates being so talented they should start a band even. But her biggest concern was trying to make these magical sounds at least look like she is making them. 

“We worked with a fantastic vocal coach and you know he really focused on just the shaping of our mouths and the seed sounds of kind of Elliot’s vision for them… and trying to find what that looks like.”

While Sutton loves the magic and symbolic power that comes from a show like Motherland: Fort Salem,  she realizes its real power resides in the commitment of the cast and the diversity amongst them. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Sutton Instagram

“I mean I still can’t believe I got cast. I mean I didn’t believe in magic, but for now, that makes me a believer In the strength of the show has been in the diversity of the cast. And that they flung the net so wide for the audience process… it felt like winning the lottery… don’t even get me started on how I personally have met and now know these women. On & off-screen, we love each other.”

And we love you, Jessica. I could go on and on about how great Jessica Sutton is, but if you need even more physical proof, make sure you check out Motherland: Fort Salem on Freeform Wednesday nights. Then tune in every Thursday for the Motherland: Fort Salem after-show at 8 pm with myself and my witchy panel.

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