Mom Rochelle from Everybody Hates Chris is the Perfect Mom for Quarantine!

Rochelle Rock from Everybody Hates Chris is the perfect Mom for Quarantine, with much to teach us to on Mother’s Day

Kay Montgomery

May 6th, 2020 11:45pm pst

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ABTV Mother’s Day Salute to Rochelle Rock

Rochelle Rock has every tool needed to be the exact mom we need in this quarantine moment, with her no nonsense sensibility and protective and loving nature.

Rochelle is the matriarch of the Rock clan in the 1980s throwback sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris, created by comedian Chris Rock.

Upon re-watching the entire 4 season run on Hulu with my own children, recently, I came to a conclusion. Rochelle is the mom we need for a time like this!

Although the Rock family doesn’t live high on the hog, they always have their needs met, and are hard working people. This means that sometimes they do without the finer things, but they always have the basics. At a time like this, financial stability is key and that’s one thing, Rochelle, with her management job at the salon, brings to the Rock family. And because Rochelle is a great cook, we’d be saving money and eating good by eating at home every night.

You not only need financial stability but emotional stability as well. In the Mother’s Day episode Chris is surprised that Rochelle has kept a box of every Mother’s Day gift he’s ever given her-all made from macaroni. Even though he considers it junk, she tells him

“These things are priceless.”

This is exactly what we need during these uncertain times. A mother with warmth, who is sentimental. We’re going to have a lot of downtime and a walk down memory lane is a great way to kill time and promote family bonding.

In the Big Bird episode we see Rochelle jumping to conclusions about every little thing with her husband Julius. This would have come in handy in the early stage of the virus, she for sure would have thought we were all going to die and wouldn’t have needed a mandate to make us shelter in place. She would have had us wearing masks in the early days and hand-sanitizing after every interaction.

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O Grupo Globo adquiriu os direitos de exibição da série Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris. O Sitcom estrelado por Tyler James Williams, será exibido somente no sistema de striming da Rede Globo, o @globoplay. A série teve seu fim a exatos nove anos, mas continua sendo um sucesso no Brasil. Com suas quatro temporadas o humorístico conta a história de Chris Rock, que mora no Brooklyn bairro negro dos Estados Unidos. Ao se mudar para uma escola de brancos a Escola Secundária Corleone, passa a sofrer bullying, pois é o único negro da escola. Everybody Hates Chris conta também com um elenco fantástico com Terry Crews – Julius Rock, Tichina Arnold – Rochelle Rock, Tequan Richmond – Drew Rock, Imani Hakim – Tonya Rock e Vincent Martella – Gregory "Greg" Wuliger. Chris e sua turma chega no Globoplay no dia 21 de Agosto. . . . #todomundoodeiaochris #everybodyhateschris #chrisrock #juliusrock #rochellerock #tonyarock #drewrock #greg #globoplay #redeglobo #grupoglobo #nerd #geek #culturapop #cinemaemserie

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Finally she speaks her mind and owns her emotions. In the Funeral episode, we see her numbing her pain with chocolate Turtles but eventually snapping out of it to tell her free loading brother to get his feet off of her couch before she slaps the jam out of his toes! We need this kind of frank talk during this tough time. It’s more harmful when experiencing moments of frustration to hold them end. Furthermore, being sad and disappointed are feelings we are all familiar with at this time and having a mom let you know these feelings are perfectly normal to express is healthy. 

I don’t know about you, but I would love a mom that is sure and steady, financially stable, expressive and loving during the pandemic- even if she is just on TV. 

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