Supernatural Stars: Misha Collins teaches Quarantine Lessons. Jensen Ackles Becomes Danneel Ackles Hair Stylist. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and One Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton Launch Talk Show (Friday Night In) on AMC

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – April 13th, 2020 7:30pm pst


It’s been about 3 weeks since we entered quarantine and the cast of Supernatural are on social media, showing us how they are staying busy.

Misha Collins [Castiel] has been keeping busy during quarantine with his family. He is taking advantage of this time to start a video tutorial…of his seven year old daughter shaving his beard.”  

“So this is like a home barbershop tutorial and you guys can do this too in your homes…I think this is the first time I’ve let anyone else shave my beard, except for when I’m working on Supernatural.” 

Misha, we love how you are open to new opportunities and honestly we don’t know if Castiel would be this brave. 

“Remember, even during quarantine: what matters most is not how you feel on the inside, it’s how you look on the outside. #HomeGroomingLessons.” 

Thanks for the quarantine lesson Misha! We need to follow your lead especially during our Zoom dates that we have scheduled with bae.  

Another quarantine lesson that Misha is teaching: is the importance of his kid’s education. Misha decided to step in and homeschool his daughter and it looks like everything is going….good.   

“Homeschooling might undo me. I need to talk to someone who is NOT in elementary school.”

Alright, homeschooling can be challenging and it looks like his daughter took over the lesson, but, Misha, once again, we’re impressed! Love the new make-over and we must say the pink scrunchies really do bring out the color in your eyes.  

Misha, if you need someone to talk to, I’m sure Jensen Ackles [Dean Winchester] wouldn’t mind Facetiming with you.

Speaking of Jensen, he is helping his wife Danneel [Sister Jo/Anael] apply color to her hair. The couple set up a virtual hair appointment with Danneel’s hairdresser while she is guiding Jensen, who is touching up his wife’s roots. 

“It’s been a day of redheads! Another FUN #virtualhaircolorappointments with the magical @danneelackles512 and of course @jensenackles as her side kick..not sure if he was helping her…or…either way what a fun couple, and family us redheads MUST stay fresh.” 

We always knew Jensen was multi-talented! These two make a good team on and off screen! We’re going to miss them working together on Supernatural.

Fans, if you love Supernatural (like we do) then you want to check out the slo-mo trampoline series that Jensen created on Instagram while he and his family are quarantined.  

The first video that he shares is Danneel doing an impressive backflip (in slo-mo) and we can agree that Daneel still has her gymnastics skills. 

“Today is my beautiful wife’s birthday. And this girl is still throwin it down! Adding a little “cheer” in our lives during #coronalockdown. She even bakes her own cake..(show off). Keep it positive out there folks.” 

We love Danneel’s cheer at the end! We always knew she was our favorite Ravens cheerleader on One Tree Hill.  

Jensen loved watching his wife on the trampoline; he decided to give it a try himself (not the backflip), just jumping around. 

“The next installment of our #lockdown slo-mo trampoline series. Forgot how much fun these things are. Keep smiling people. Try and stay positive.” 

We are feeling more positive watching you having fun, Jensen! Please continue with the slo-mo trampoline series because we are here for it. 

Another thing we are here for is a Supernatural family reunion, and fans…we got one! Jeffrey Dean Morgan [John Winchester] and his wife Hilarie Burton Morgan [One Tree Hill] are set to launch an at-home weekly chat show later this month and their first guests will be Jensen and Danneel! 

The series will be called Friday Night in With the Morgans and it will be a half-hour video chat starting this Friday (April 17th) airing on the AMC network. We couldn’t be any more excited and we feel like our spirits have been lifted since quarantine. 

Jeffrey is getting excited as well and tweeted about the upcoming show. 

Yes, we have a question! Any chance for a Supernatural reboot and if so, can we please cast Hilarie in the series?  One Tree Hill fans loved her as Peyton Sawyer!  We can only imagine what she would be like as another hunter or angel.  

Make sure you are following Misha Collins on Instagram for more “Quarantine Lessons.” Plus, keep up with Jensen and Danneel Ackles as they continue their slo-mo trampoline series.  

Also, check back in with Supernatural Weekly because we will keep you updated with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton’s new show. Let’s hope they will bring on Jared Padalecki [Sam Winchester] and his wife Genevieve Padalecki [Ruby] on as guests next (fingers crossed).  

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