Minnie Mouse Voiceover Actress Passes Away at 75

7/30/19 9:17PM

Minnie Mouse’s voice will never be the same, with the voice of the iconic character sadly passing away.

Russi Taylor, who was known for being the voice of many big characters but especially the iconic Minnie Mouse, passed away July 26th. Russi Taylor had been the voice of Minnie Mouse for over 30 years, since 1986.

Taylor was just nominated back in 2018 for an Emmy for the first time for her voice over work for the Mickey Mouse revival series.

In a statement, Disney Character Voices Senior Vice President Rick Dempsey  “Russi Taylor embodied the character of Minnie Mouse,” said Rick Dempsey, Senior Vice President, Disney Character Voices. “She truly was one of the kindest, most gracious, upbeat, and loving people I have ever had the privilege to work with and to count as a friend. Anytime anyone met Russi, their day would always get just a little bit brighter. Not only was she amazingly talented and gifted, but she had a true desire to make the world a better place with the gifts she was blessed with. The world has a lost a real treasure. She will truly be missed, but her voice will live on.”

Taylor also had other popular voice over credits that include Strawberry Shortcake, Baby Gonzo (of Muppet Babies fame), Pebbles Flintstone, Duchess the Cat in the film Babe, and Ferny Toro in Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks. She also voiced Martin Prince and the twins Sherri and Terri, in numerous episodes from The Simpsons. She was also featured in The Simpsons Movie.

“I never wanted to be famous,” she once said. “The characters I do are famous, and that’s fine for me.”

A wonderful character and an even better person who will be dearly missed.