Miley Cyrus Gets A New Hairdo And A Webby Too!

AfterBuzz loves Miley Cyrus and everything she’s doing during this pandemic. This past week Miley got a new haircut with help from mom Tish Cyrus, and she was presented with a Webby 2020 Special Achievement Award from bestie Demi Lovato. 

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Posted On: May 28th, 2020 1:57 pm pst

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ABTV Loves Miley Cyrus Weekly

There’s no doubting it, AfterBuzz Loves Miley Cyrus. Miss Miley is one of the hardest working women in the biz. From continuing to bless our ears and hearts with her bangers, to keeping us up-to-date on her life, her family, her animals and her opinions – we love our Queen Miles. With COVID-19 putting so many lives on hold, she has found a way to keep going and genuinely interact with her fans. If you’re not up to date, don’t fret, we will get you there.

Miley is setting trends left and right!! This last week Miley let her mom Tish give her a haircut, but only with a little virtual help from her hair stylist Sally Hershberger.

Earlier in quarantine we saw Miley trim her own bangs while getting Facetime assistance from Hershberger –

But now, girl’s got a full new do!! 

It was last week that Hershberger posted that picture with the caption “I trained Tish well!;)✂.” Miley even liked the post, but that was all the info we got. Yet, the next day Hershberger posted this screenshot of a Harper’s Bazaar article, which gave us all the details – 

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Thank you @bazaaruk ❤️

A post shared by Sally Hershberger (@sallyhershberger) on

Job well done mama Tish!! I am so impressed. I’m curious though, Tish can you cut my hair?! Quarantine hasn’t been a cute look on me. Unlike Miley, who I personally think is rocking this chic mullet. 

We have yet to see Miley post a pic of the new hair on her own page, but she did post this Hannah Montana throwback, which is undoubtedly a tribute to it. 

C’mon Miles!! Let’s see it. In addition to the hair, which is fabulous, something else fabulous that happened to Miley this last week is she won a Webby 2020 Special Achievement Award! She was nominated for her Instagram show Bright Minded that has touched all of our lives and hearts during this wild time. Miley posted a video of her friend Demi Lovato (who was one of the first guests on the Bright Minded show) presenting her with this award. Make sure you watch until the end for Miley’s acceptance speech, it’s perfect and true Miley fashion.

Keep it all coming Miley. We are so thankful for you!

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