Michelle Veintimilla (Vanessa on The Baker and the Beauty) joins AfterBuzz AfterShow

Actress Michelle Veintimilla who plays Vanessa on The Baker and the Beauty joined our AfterBuzz BATB AfterShow to confess ‘I think I have a little Vanessa in me…’

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Posted On: April 28th, 2020 9:49pm pst

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ABTV Baker and the Beauty AfterShow with Michelle Veintimilla 

My fellow panelists and I were so happy to have Michelle Veintimilla, the actress who plays “Vanessa” on our Baker and the Beauty Aftershow this week! For those of you who may not know, The Baker and the Beauty is a Romantic-comedy series on ABC about a baker named Daniel, who falls in love with a world famous star named Noa Hamilton. However before Daniel meets Noa, he turns down a proposal from his girlfriend of four years, Vanessa. Vanessa (aka Michelle) came on our aftershow to tell us all about what it is like playing Vanessa and some behind the scenes stories about the show.


My panelists Chelsie, Amir, Hailey and myself did not hold back in asking the questions we needed to know in regards to, dare I say crazy character Vanessa. However, we first wanted to check in on Michelle Veintimilla, and ask her how her quarantine is going. She let us know that she is quarantined at her parents house in Long Island, even though she lives in Manhattan, New York City with her boyfriend. We also discussed how the quarantine has likely boosted ratings of the show, due to the fact that most of us are stuck home with our families, and this is such a family-friendly show!

For those of you who don’t know the character Vanessa is; Michelle describes her as “an amazing representation of what the modern evolving woman is today”. We talk further more how Vanessa is a woman who wants to get married and start a family and could come off a little desperate at times while doing that, but also is a hard working business woman who wants to make a name for herself. Michelle does admit that Vanessa could be very “erratic” at times, but that is what makes the audience and the panel fall in love with her so much. She’s a great balance of a kind hearted woman who also knows how to be a boss lady when necessary. When we asked Michelle how she taps into Vanessa, she says “I think I have a little bit of Vanessa in me”.

(International Business Times)

In the first episode we see the moment that got everybody talking when Vanessa proposes to her longtime boyfriend Daniel and in a surprising twist Daniel says “no”! We wanted Michelle to elaborate more on that iconic scene and what she would have done in that situation had she proposed to her boyfriend in real life. She said she likes to tease her boyfriend about that actually, but that she wouldn’t propose. As far as the proposal on screen, the cast and crew wanted to honor the series that derived from the Israeli version of this story and Michelle tells us that the first episode (the pilot) was pretty much exactly the same as the original version, but throughout the series ABC puts it’s own twists on it. Michelle also tells us what it is like working with an all latin cast as she gushes of how fun it is on set!

Next up we wanted to see if we could get some “tea” on this brewing relationship between Vanessa and Mateo (Daniels brother). And even though we couldn’t get any spoilers out of Michelle, the panel seems to agree that they would make a cute couple, so hopefully we can see that storyline progress throughout the season! However, one thing we did get, is that Michelle says the rest of the season in one word would be described as “chaos”. “We all end up meeting at a head” Michelle continues to describe the rest of the season where the characters who have been separated in scenes so far start to meet for the first time, and what it is like when Vanessa meets the world famous Noa Hamilton.  


I want to hear from you guys! What are your thoughts on this season of The Baker and the Beauty? What would you guys do if you proposed to a guy and they said “no”, like Vanessa and Daniel? What would you do if your ex started dating a celebrity? Hit me up @itszacharybish.

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Thanks for reading and I will catch you guys next time!

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