Michael Shenefelt Talks Bromance With Heather Headley’s Husband Brian Musso

Sweet Magnolias stars Michael Shenefelt, Harlan Drum, Dion Johnstone, and Heather Headley share thoughts on character development, praise each other’s performances, and celebrate #1 spot on Netflix. Only on AfterBuzzTV’s Official Sweet Magnolias Cast Reunion!

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Posted On: May 29th, 2020 3:00pm pst

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ABTV Loves Sweet Magnolias

The Sweet Magnolias reunion rolls on, this time with special guests Heather Headley, Harlan Drum, Michael Shenefelt, and Dion Johnstone.

Kicking things off, we were so excited to share in the cast’s excitement that they quickly earned the #1 Trending Spot on Netflix, and Heather shared just how excited she was for this news.

“I’m very humbled. I’m verklempt, as they say. I’m humbled, just overwhelmed by it, and overwhelmed by America and the world, the people who want this kind of story.”

Harlan Drum, who plays Cece also shared just how excited she was as a lifelong Netflix fan.

“I was very, very overwhelmed by it. It’s obviously the coolest thing ever. I’ve been watching Netflix for a long time now and you just never expect it, but I’m really happy that people enjoy it as much as everyone enjoyed working on it and the characters mean a lot to us the same way that they’re meaning a lot to other people. So, it’s really cool. I’m very happy about it.”

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Michael Shenefelt also noted that he wasn’t surprised about the #1 spot for one reason in particular.

“It had Heather Headley in it from the start so I don’t know why this is a huge surprise.”

We shared Michael’s sentiments about the literal queen that is Heather Headley and ONE of Heather’s on-screen love interests, Mr. Dion Johnstone also gave his take on the top spot. He’s loving how fans are able to binge the series!

“It’s an incredible feeling. What equally blows my mind is the binge-factor. That’s been blowing my mind as well too, how many people are saying I started and I’m already done.”

After discussing this incredible and well-deserved feat, the rest of the reunion was pretty much spent in a lovely debate over Team Erik vs. Team Ryan. Dion and Michael both went to bat for their characters and we learned some pretty interesting dynamics about these men as actors, and about their characters as well.

Michael jumped in to share how he really connected with Heather and even created a great bromance with her husband Brian Musso. He also noted how hard it was to film he and Heather’s break-up scene, because his thoughts on marriage and fatherhood are polar opposite to what his character Ryan feels.

On the other hand, Dion discussed how hard it was for him to watch any Helen and Ryan scenes because he’s obviously a diehard Team Erik.

It was even fun to get Harlan’s take as a third-party not involved in this love triangle, and while she had moments of being on Team Ryan, Harlan shared that she ultimately swayed towards Team Erik.

Heather also wanted to shout out how much on “Team Harlan” she is. Heather sang Harlan’s praises as this is Harlan’s first major acting credit in a TV series.

Michael shared Heather’s sentiments as he had not gotten a chance to meet Harlan in person on-set, but noted that both he and his parents marveled at her performance on screen.

Fans of the show have been marveling at the performances of all these talented actors and they’re looking forward to more from the Serenity crew in season two.

While you’re waiting for season two, be sure to follow the cast on social media to keep up with what they have going on. You can find them at their handles below.








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