Michael Bublé gifts his Family Legacy home on Celebrity IOU

Michael Bublé and the Property Brothers renovate a special home for a family friend on HGTV’s Celebrity IOU

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Posted On: May 9th, 2020 12:16 am pst

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ABTV Loves Celebrity IOU: Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé shares with his friends, The Property Brothers (Jonathan and Andrew Scott) that the “Greatest moments of his life happen here.”, in his Grandparents’ Vancouver home on Celebrity IOU.

What a gift! Bublé says his “Grandpa Demetrio built this house with his bare hands”,  and both Grandparents spent their final days right here with caretaker, and very close friend, Minette.

Minette became part of the family years ago, when she became full time caretaker for both Grandpa, and Grandma. A healthcare worker from the  Philippines; she’s a hard-working woman with children of her own, who works tirelessly, to send all of her money back home to her family overseas.

Grandpa Demetrio has said “The most selfish thing to do is give, because it feels so good!”

His grandson, Michael ads: “So we are doing a really selfish act here.”  It was a top priority that this very special,  handcrafted home stay in the family. Minette is certainly considered family. Gifting her this home, after it’s been newly renovated was a beautiful tribute to both friendship and family legacy. Bublé says “Minette never does anything for herself, and I think my grandpa would be thrilled knowing we could maybe lessen her burden a little bit..” 

Jonathan and Drew offered a very modern design to this former Italian, top-to-bottom, white-on-white, classic household. They completely demoed this entire floor, opening up into a beautiful, spacious floor plan. They added modernized features such as glass and wrought iron details, pale colored plank wood floors. A huge open kitchen, boasting a lead into a second fireplace. 2 fireplaces! All of this, and so much more in a mere 3.5 weeks time. 

Drew came up with a modern, oak slat wall to offer privacy between living quarters, and the dining area.  Jonathan made it happen! 

What a pair! This was an especially beautiful detail, in pulling this new space together, while defining areas. This natural element offered warmth to the glass, aquarium-like stairway encasement, and it became an architectural focal point in the entrance area, providing segue to the new formal dining room and the entrance room, formerly known as “The Parlor.” This room was quite iconic! Grandma made sure it embodied opulence at its finest! It even had the plastic covered sofas that no one was allowed to sit on. It was a real blast from the past!

Grandpa Demetrio seems to be full of inspiring tidbits of wisdom! In this gorgeous new dining room,  they replaced the white brick fireplace with a modern, new feature fireplace, and inscripted was one of Grandpa‘s quotes, 

“Today’s curse is tomorrow’s blessing.” 

What a great detail to this home. 

Grandpa Demetrio was Michael’s introduction to the greats such as Dean Martin  and Ella Fitzgerald. He is the one that encouraged Michael to become the entertainer he is today! 

Michael would video chat with him before he would go live and ask his grandpa what song should he perform that evening. Michael really wanted the audience to understand that his grandpa was his closest friend. 

In further tribute to the family legacy, they had commissioned Michael’s brother-in-law/artist for a very special custom art piece, made from recycled, broken Dean Martin records. 

It’s really tied together the magic of old soul paired with new inspiration for a modern living in a home of heritage. 

Watch Michael Bublé and other celebrities hopping in, swinging a hammer, and doing demo alongside the Scott brothers every week on HGTV,  Celebrity IOU. All in the name of blessing someone special to them. 

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