Melora Hardin Doesn’t Want The Office Back on TV

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Melora Hardin, famous for playing Jan Levinson on The Office, surprisingly said she doesn’t think the show should come back to television.

An Office return, or spinoff, has been a great topic of discussion the last several months by fans and former cast members. Saturday Night Live even did a skit about a possible return when Steve Carell hosted.

Speaking on The Bold Type aftershow on AfterBuzz, Hardin said a lack of participation would hurt any new The Office show on television.

“I don’t think that it should because I just don’t see how that would be really that exciting,” said Hardin, “’cause they’re not gonna get Steve [Carell], they’re not gonna get Ricky Gervais, they’re not gonna get, uh, John [Krasinski], they’re not gonna get Ed [Helms], they’re not gonna get, you know, you, it’s just, it’s just everyone’s off doing other things.”

However, Hardin didn’t totally rule out a regrouping of the cast. She’s actually pushing for a movie!

“The Office: The Movie, and then they could do sequels,” pitched Hardin, “and I think they’d get everyone for that. Because you show up for, you know, a couple months and make a movie, and then everyone comes out and watches it. I mean, I think a movie’s way more interesting than doing the show again.”

Hardin even thinks movies could provide sequels and even more laughs.

“The Office 1, The Office 2, The Office 3, The Office 4, whatever; we could do as many sequels as we want,” said Hardin. “There’ve been some comedies with a lot of sequels and it’s, and it’s great. And then, you know, then everybody shows up for it. And it’s super fun.”

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Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.