Megan Stott of Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere Talks Learning from Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, Love of Binge Watching Lucifer and The Handmaid‘s Tale during Quarantine and Obsession with Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Written by: Kay Montgomery – April 16th, 2020 5:42pm PT


Little Fires Everywhere is the widely anticipated TV series adapted from Celeste Ngs best selling novel of the same name. Co-produced and starring Kerry Washington(Mia) and Reese Witherspoon (Elena) as dueling mothers, is sure to have you screaming at your TV and taking sides. Megan Stott plays Elena’s daughter Izzy and joined AfterBuzz TVs Little Fires Everywhere Aftershow on Wednesday night with Monse Bolanos, Trina Dong, Chef Beanz and me, Kay Montgomery to chat about episode 7, Picture Perfect.

Being the member of a cast with so much star power might be intimidating for another young actress, but Megan came in humble and eager to learn. Since her character has integral scenes with both icons she got to learn from Washington as well as Witherspoon.

“Getting to work with both of them has been a dream. They were both my mentors!”

The tutelage she received from Washington really helped her when inhabiting her character.

“Kerry was incredible to work with. She made me realize that when you’re performing a scene no matter what intention you have it’s going to come out something like you. She made me realize you always have to put yourself into a scene and not just a character.”

Even though she plays the black sheep of The Richardson family, off screen Witherspoon made her feel the opposite. Stott recounts,

“Each day she would come on set, she’d be so genuine and kind and so loving. She’d put her all into her work and into us.”

The attention and understanding Izzy lacks at home, is quickly found in mirror image mom, Mia. Once a household helper and eventually her mothers’ arch nemesis, Mia is an artist who inspires Izzy to use art to say what she can’t with words.

In real life Stott is enamored with different kinds of artists…pastry  artists. Excitedly citing Zumbo’s Just Desserts as one of her favorite shows! 

“It’s the coolest and most intricate. He (Zumbo) did stuff with nitrogen in Season 1, and was exploding things! I love any baking show whatsoever! I like learning about baking so that some day I can try and bake those things.”

When it comes to scripted content, she has a dark favorite,

“I love Lucifer!” she exclaims. “I binged watched it with my family.”

Also on the list is the lesser known The Spanish Princess,

“It’s very historical and interesting.”

She’s also a fan of the award winning saga The Handmaids Tale,

and describes it as “amazing”. 

The Little Fires Aftershow Panel are huge fans and we couldn’t resist asking about her desires for her character should they get our wish and continue with a Season 2. 

“I hope that she (Izzy) explores herself and begins to understand herself more. I hope that she opens up and opens her heart to things.” 

You can catch Stott in the Finale of Little Fires Everywhere on April 22, 2020. You can likewise catch The Little Fires Everywhere Aftershow April 22, 2020 at 6pm.on

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