Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Break Up After 10 Years Of Marriage

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green split after 10 years of marriage. Reminiscing of when they first met on Hope & Faith. Plus their breakout roles including; Beverly Hills 90210 & Transformers.

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Posted On: May 22nd, 2020 11:38pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine Break-Ups: Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have split up after nearly 10 years of marriage. 

Credit: People

According to CNN, Brian says that he and Fox have been separated for months but instead of taking time to find themselves and rekindle their relationship, they have grown apart. 

After Fox returned from  filming a project last year she told Green that she needed space and wanted to spend some time apart.

“It’s not something you go into marriage considering,” the 90210 alumn confessed to CNN

“She said, ‘You Know what, I realized while I was out of the country working alone, that I feel more like myself and I liked myself better during that experience.’” Green explains, “I was upset about it, but I can’t be upset at her and I wasn’t upset at her because she didn’t ask to feel that way.” 

We understand both Megan and Brian’s points of view, but that is still leaving us fans heartbroken.

Last year, Megan was in South Africa filming her new movie Rogue.

Even though this supercouple has split, let’s go down memory lane and highlight our favorite moments in their careers and relationship. 

We can’t forget the moment Brian became a heartthrob when he played David Silver in our all time favorite teen drama Beverly Hills 90210 (we still binge watch this show on Hulu). 

Back in 2007, everyone was talking about Megan Fox and how she became the new Hollywood “It” girl after playing the role of Mikaela Banes in the Transformers franchise. 


The duo first met back in 2004 on the set of Hope & Faith when Brian guested on an episode. Last September, 2019 Brian made an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan Show where Kelly mentioned that Megan was smitten over him. 


“She was so into you..listen, she has eyes, we all have eyes..but she was so obviously smitten.” 

Brian stated that after Fox turned 18, she was in LA and that’s when they started hanging out.   

Fox told The New York Times that she didn’t know Brian was from 90210 but she liked him right away (who wouldn’t?). 

“Everyone was around the monitor watching a scene, and Brian accidentally touched my leg. I remember literal electricity shooting through me and out me from every direction. It was like magic.” 


The couple got engaged in 2010 where Green popped the question in Hawaii. Then weeks following their engagement they got married. 


Green and Fox wanted to have a getaway and spent it at the “Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyworld. 

Credit: National Enquirer

In 2012, Megan was pregnant with their first child, Noah Shannon Green. 

Brian starred in Don’t Blink a thriller about 10 people arriving at a mountain resort to find it completely deserted. The visitors find themselves forced to stay and investigate the mystery surrounding the abandoned lodge. 

Credit Flim Affinity

Megan was also booking roles in films, including This is 40 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Megan and Brian were pregnant with their second child which was another boy, Bodhi.

Soon after their second child was born Megan was expecting their third child, Journey River Green. 

Last October, Megan posted a cute picture of all three boys on Halloween with Megan dressed up as one the characters in Harry Potter

One of the last projects Brian and Megan shared together was doing a commercial for Omaze where the winner could win a Tesla. 

Just recently Megan filmed a music video with Machine Gun Kelly.

We both wish Brian and Megan the best during this difficult process. Fans will still continue to support them and their upcoming projects.

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