Meet the Cast of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2

Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way includes Jenny, Sumit, Deavan, Jihoon, plus we get introduced to our very first 90 Day gay couple 

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Last year we were introduced to a different kind of 90 Day Fiancé show, this time the Americans were choosing to uproot their lives and move to the countries of the ones they were in love with. The premise of the show was met with a lot of confusion from Americans. People wondered why someone from America would ever choose to make their lives harder by moving to a country that they weren’t familiar with, where they didn’t speak the language, and whose customs were often hard for the Americans to obey or understand. However, as we watched along we became obsessed. 

Now season 2 is here and while we see a few familiar faces, for the most part the entire cast is brand new. The premiere brought a lot our way including 90 Day’s first gay couple, secrets already being shown, pregnancy, and the drama we all know and love from this franchise. So let’s break down who our couples are, and what we know about them so far. 


The following will give spoilers for the first episodes of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. 

Let’s start with our newcomers first. 

Yazan and Brittany

Yazan (24) lives in Jordan and his fiance Brittany (26) is from Palm Beach, Florida. From the get go we know this couple is going to have some issues, as Brittany is very upfront about not wanting to be controlled, while going to live in a country where the women are submissive to their men. She is a model and rapper while Yazan works in his father’s fish market and has a mechanical engineering degree. 

They met five months ago, since their sisters lived in the same apartment building. Brittany saw him while he was on facetime with his sister and the attraction was immediate. 

Last season Summit was the ultimate liar, but it seems that Brittany is giving him a run for his money. Not only did she not let her father know she was moving to Jordan until two weeks before she plans on leaving, but she also has neglected to tell her soon to be husband that there might be some complications, because she is still married! 

Her “ex-husband” as she calls him was her highschool sweetheart, who after just a few months was deported and she says she basically forgot about him since their relationship wasn’t good, and he was controlling. Needless to say we have a lot to look forward to with these two. 

Kenneth & Armando

Kenneth and Armando debut as the franchises first gay couple. Kenneth (57) is originally from Ohio and actually had a relatively amazing story. His parents accepted him right away when he came out at 19. He and his friend posed as a married couple to get in-vitro, and ended up having 4 children, and now have grandchildren as well. Armando (31) doesn’t have quite the fairy tale though. He got married to a woman due to cultural stereotypes, and they had a daughter together. He told his ex after 8 years of being together that he was gay and she told his family, who basically forced him back in the closet, and a few months later his ex was killed in a car crash. He has kept his sexuality a secret ever since. 

Kenneth and Armando met on a fathers support group page and fell in love. Kenneth plans to move to Mexico where he and Armando will live together, but four hours away from Armandos family. 

Kenneth’s daughter is having a rough time knowing that her father is moving away from her as well as her son Cooper. She even goes as far as to say it feels like her father is abandoning them. Likewise Armando’s sister takes it equally as hard, but surprisingly with more compassion. 

The episode ends with Armando noting that he now has to tell his parents. 

Ariela & Biniyam

Ariela (27) is from New Jersey and works as a freelance writer and helps with her father’s cardiology practice. Her beau Biniyam (29) lives in Ethiopia where the two met. 

Ariela was previously married to a man from Argentina for 10 years, and did not want a boyfriend when she met Biniyam. The two couldn’t stay away from each other and after 3 months, Ariela was pregnant. 

She is currently back in the US for prenatal care, but plans to travel back to Ethiopia to have the baby so Biniyam can be present at the birth. Literally everyone she tells this to, including a room of women at a birthing class, think this is not a good idea. When she finally tells her doctor he warns her of the dangers of having a child in another country. Her mom insists that she needs to travel to Ethiopia with her daughter to make sure the conditions are safe, and to most likely try to convince her to have the baby in America. 

Tim & Melyza

We have not met Tim and Melyza yet but Tim (34) is from Dallas, Texas, and Melyza (29) is from Columbia. The two met while Melzya was an au pair in the US and the two were originally planning on living in Texas, but Tim did something that lost her trust. He is trying to prove his love by moving to her country. 

Jenny and Sumit

Jenny and Sumit are back for another season. Jenny is back in the US after having to leave India since Sumit had lied to her and was already married to another woman. He is now vowing that he is getting a divorce and Jenny is planning on heading back out to India to be with him for good this time. He says he is done with lying as he saw how much trouble and hurt it caused last time, but we can’t help but think that may be another fib, even if he doesn’t know it yet. 

Everyone in these two lives think this is not a good idea. Sumit’s friends urge him against the relationship as they know it will most likely mean the end of his and his family’s relationship. They also point out that Jenny won’t be able to give him children, to which he informs them they won’t be having any.

On Jenny’s side, we already know how her daughter feels about Sumit, especially being the one that went out to India after her mother was upset. However she also meets with her financial advisor, who says she shouldn’t be going back, to see about applying for her social security benefits early since she spent almost all her savings in India the first time around and only has $2,000 dollars left! She says that Sumit has to pay his soon to be ex wife $20,000 for the divorce and has no job so she needs to be able to pay for their rent when she moves out there. 

Say what you want about these two but they are letting nothing stop them from being together, and they each say their lives aren’t worth living without the other. This seems to be true love, but something makes us think their happily ever after won’t come as easy as they hope. 

Deavan and Jihoon 

Deavan and Jihoon are also back, although we didn’t see them in this episode. We know that Deavan is living in South Korea now with both her kids, and from the preview that we will get to see the outbreak of the Coronavirus there and how that impacts their lives. 

Who’s your favorite couple so far? Let us know in the comments. 

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