Mayans M.C. Star Says Change is Good After Kurt Sutter Firing

Written by: Jennifer Lopez – November 6th, 2019 6:34am PT

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Mayans M.C. star Antonio Jaramillo is speaking out for the first time about the firing of show creator Kurt Sutter and says “change is good.”

Jaramillo guested on AfterBuzz TV and discussed the recent firing of creator Kurt Sutter over controversial jokes targeting Disney. 

“First, I’d like to say that I have great admiration and respect for Kurt Sutter because without Kurt Sutter there wo– there would be no Michael Riz Ariza. There would be, there would be no Mayans M.C., because he created this world with Sons of Anarchy, which continues now with Mayans M.C., so he is the reason why we have these shows,” shared Jaramillo.

However, Jaramillo says it’s time for the show to go in a new direction. 

“Mayans M.C. has to be allowed to be its own thing,” said Jaramillo, “you know, and not be another Son’s of Anarchy.” 

Another disagreement came in the handling of Jaramillo’s character, Michael Ariza, who was abruptly killed in the last episode. Ariza was killed off the series after being attacked by the Vatos Malditos. It looked liked Riz was going to survive the attacked but was killed by one of its own Mayan’s MC members. The plot didn’t sit right with Jaramillo and several fans.

“I felt like I was kept on the bench, uh, too much,” said Jaramillo. “I felt like a first-string quarterback on the bench,” said Jaramillo. “[It] was frustrating, for me as an actor it was frustrating because I, you gotta let me move, you gotta let me dance, you gotta let me fly, you know I’m good at what I do and people like what I do”

In the end, Jaramillo says he respects the decision, knowing he’s not in control. However, he’s 

“You know I don’t know why Kurt did that, you know, I mean it was, it’s his show, it was his shows, so you know, he made, he makes the decisions. I know we had a couple of conversations and, you know, I mean, maybe disagree in, on a few things but, you know, he’s the boss,” admitted Jaramillo.

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With a new season of Mayans recently being announced, you can still count on Jaramillo to be in support of his former show and castmates! He’s just sad he won’t be able to help.

Make sure to catch the whole Interview with Jaramillo at the link above, and catch Mayans M.C. on Tuesdays at 10 pm.

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