Max and Lilly Greenfield on Teacher Appreciation Week & Mother’s Day

New Girl & The Neighborhood’s Max Greenfield and daughter Lilly Greenfield remind us it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, The Neighborhood renewed for a third season, Wife and Mom Tess Sanchez get Mother’s Day love, and Phoebe Robinson wants Lilly to adopt her

Kelsey Meyer

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Posted On: May 15th, 2020 12:20am pst

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ABTV TV Loves Max Greenfield Weekly

There’s no doubting it: AfterBuzz Loves Max Greenfield.

You may remember him as Schmidt in New Girl, or more recently as Dave in The Neighborhood. If you don’t know, Max is one of the funniest and hardest working men in the biz. With COVID-19 putting so many lives on hold, he has found a way to keep bringing the funny, and interact with his fans. If you’re out of the loop, don’t fret, Afterbuzz is here to catch you up.

He’s back!! Well, they’re back! Max, and our favorite gal Lilly have been up to a lot recently, and I have many fun things to update you on. 

Starting with this little number, and giving a nod to all the amazing teachers out there for Teacher Appreciation Week – 

Max’s giggling at the end gets me everytime. Do you think Lilly ever got her Starbucks?? All I know is that I second Phoebe Robinson who in the comments said “can Lilly adopt me? This queen is everything.” Phoebe, I couldn’t agree more. Lilly, will you have us?

Another teacher appreciation post was soon to follow –

Lilly was me everyday in college, living my best ‘grey suit’ life. Who am I kidding, that has been me everyday for the past two months. Lilly just gets it. 

Taking a quick break from homeschooling, Max gave us some exciting news about his show The Neighborhood – it was picked up for a third season!!

Yay! Congrats everyone! Such an awesome show. It’s definitely a must watch if you haven’t seen it.

Then, it was Mother’s Day and we got some amazing posts that were not only heartwarming, but hilarious. Max posted this video of his wife and Lilly dancing, to which his wife Tess commented, “Banked footage. Eeeeeks.” Too funny, I love it.

Max then followed up with this sweet picture of Tess and his son, and hashtagged “#hero’, which um yeah!! All moms are.

Box Tops for Education made a splash on Max’s Instagram page as he continued to pay homage to teachers for Teacher Appreciation. If you give a shout-out to your favorite teacher with the hashtag #GiveExtraCredit, Box Tops will donate $1 per post to So amazing!! Also very fitting for Max, aka the home school teacher of the century, to be posting about this. 

Basically, if we had to sum everything up in one word… 

Max and Lilly continue to keep me sane and well during these crazy times. I appreciate them both, and like Max, I am also very appreciative of teachers and the fabulous parents filling not only teacher roles right now, but all the roles. Thank you! Keep the posts coming you two, we all love and need them. 

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