Matt Baume: Chechnya, DragCon, Polari, and The Gift of Queerness | AfterBuzz TV’s LGBTQ&A

Matt Baume talks about the torture of queer men that’s occurring in Chechnya and what you can do if you feel helpless. He also discusses the coding of LGBTQ content in the media, the evolution of queer language, and how our concept of marriage has changed over the years. We also talk about being at DragCon this year and why queer people have magic powers.


LGBTQ&A is an interview podcast highlighting the different members of the LGBTQ community — artists, activists, lawmakers, and business people. LGBTQ&A is hosted by Jeffrey Masters and produced by AfterBuzz TV. Interviews are also filmed and available on YouTube.

AfterBuzz TV (Los Angeles, CA) is an online broadcast created by E! Host, Maria Menounos and producer, Keven Undergaro, and has over 23 million weekly downloads in over 150 countries. Nicknamed “the aftershow network”, when viewers finish watching episodes of their favorite shows, they can go to to watch or listen to a post-game after-show where hosts break down that night’s episode and interview cast and crew. The network produces over 90 aftershows per week.

Matt Baume is a writer, podcaster, and video-maker based in Seattle whose work focuses on LGBT culture, geeks, and anything that is strange and wonderful. He’s the author of the book Defining Marriage; created the popular podcast, The Sewers of Paris, the long-running marriage equality show, Marriage News Watch, and a cavalcade of fun videos on YouTube. Matt Baume and his partner are currently working on a project called Playing With Pride, featuring personal stories about what happens when queer culture and game culture collide.

Jeffrey Masters is an actor, host, and writer in Los Angeles. He documents the stories of the LGBTQ community on his podcast, LGBTQ&A, which was recently ranked #2 Buzzfeed’s list of the Top 27 Podcasts to Listen to in 2017.

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