Mariah Huq Feels Like Bravo Kidnapped Her Hit Show Married to Medicine

Mariah Huq reveals how Bravo “kidnapped” her hit show “Married to Medicine,” and discusses how she is unsure if she will return for season eight

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Posted On: July 3rd, 2020 2:14 pm pst

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Mariah Huq, the first and only African American creator and executive producer at Bravo spoke to AfterBuzz TV exclusively and revealed how “horrible” her treatment has been at the network. 

After creating Bravo’s hit series “Married to Medicine,” and starring in all but one of the show’s seven seasons, Huq recently opened up about being the only cast member to not receive a contract for season eight. She noted how of the three creators at Bravo, who also star in their shows, she is the only one who is Black and somehow the only one who has been pushed out of the show she created.

“There’s three of us at Bravo that have created, starred in and executive produced a show.” Mariah told AfterBuzz TV. “That’s me, Lisa Vanderpump of Vanderpump Rules and Whitney Sudler of Southern Charm. But it’s really tough. It’s not the situation I want to be in as the creator and executive producer of a show. But my status is I haven’t received a cast contract. I’m still connected to the show as a creator and executive producer. But my treatment as an African American creator and executive producer has just been horrible. I’ve tread very lightly with sharing my story.”

When asked how the show’s creator could potentially be removed from the hit franchise, Huq confirmed that Bravo producers don’t want her on the show. 

“I did have a conversation with executives at Bravo last week to express my concern with people saying I wasn’t going to return. And they pretty much just saidwe don’t want you to return.” Mariah confirmed. 

She went on to express her feelings toward being removed as a cast member on a show she created and brought to the network.

“I feel like I’ve birthed a baby and it’s been kidnapped from me.” Mariah explained.

AfterBuzz host Jeroslyn JoVonn asked the wife and mother of two about the diversity within the show’s production team. When considering how “Married to Medicine” centers around the lives of African American women, it was surprising to learn that those behind the camera are not representative of the diversity the show portrays on television. 

“I’m about women empowerment.” Mariah said. “One of the things I always fought for was to have diverse women behind the camera as well as in front of the camera. That’s why I created the show. So what would I look like wanting to have a show with no women as producers? Every female minority producer, we’ve had at least four, has gone through the exact same thing I’m going through.” 

Mariah explained how every female producer of color the show has seen has somehow been removed. 

“They’re no longer with us and that’s a problem for me.” Mariah said. 

The Tennessee native explained how heartbroken she is about the lack of diversity within the show’s production as a creator of the show. 

“That says more about the culture that has been created at “Married to Medicine” and I’m ashamed to say that because as a Black creator you’re doing it to expand the territory and create opportunities for women, for women of color, for a large part of the groups that have been ignored for so long. So I’m upset about that. It breaks my heart.”

Mariah confirmed that she’s unsure if she will return to the show for season eight. 

Despite her current quarrels with the network, she still showed support for Bravo’s change in tone for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I love what they’re doing. I am proud to see the network stepping up for Black Lives Matter the same way they do for gay rights. I just want to see them have accountability across the board.” 

Press play below to watch the interview in full.

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