Madelyn Sher of The Baker and the Beauty on Amy’s Relationship With Natalie

Madelyn Sher ABC’s The Baker and The Beauty on representation, Amy’s backstory and feelings for Natalie, and OMG that dinner scene!

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Posted On: May 12th, 2020 9:27pm pst

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ABTV Loves The Baker and The Beauty

Madelyn Sher, who plays the character “Amy” on the ABC hit new series The Baker and the Beauty, joins our Afterbuzz aftershow panel! We were so excited to host Madelyn (who also goes by “Maddy”) , as she is not only super sweet, but she is also a quintessential character in this season of The Baker and the Beauty

Amy is Natalie’s love interest on the show and it is super important to showcase this gay relationship on prime time TV and Maddy agrees saying “I don’t think I fully realized the importance of playing a young queer person on network television until I was filming the scene”. She told us all about what it was like playing a gay character and what she knew about the role before going into filming. When we asked her what her expectations were about the part she replied “I didn’t really know the extent to the relationship. I knew there was going to be same sex kissing”. 

My fellow panelists and I applauded Maddy for showcasing such vulnerability while playing this part, as this story is so relatable to so many people watching at home, who might be struggling with their sexualities. “I am definitely aware of the responsibility, and I am trying to carry it with grace”, Maddy says. 

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We also wanted to talk to Maddy about her dancing, as we have seen it all over her Instagram! Maddy replied when asked, “I’ve been dancing for probably my whole life, My parents put me in classes when I was a kid, when I was really young, I started studying it more seriously when I was around eight”. I’ll put her Instagram link at the bottom of the article for you guys, because if you are a fan of Maddy, you need to check her out! The actress goes more in-depth on how learning dancing and acting at a young age has prepared her for this role. “I kind of always have always been trying to do acting and dancing”. Dancing and drama is what Maddy has been passionate about since she was a kid and I am telling you guys, you need to watch her shine on The Baker and the Beauty!

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Episode five of the nine episodes series just aired last night, and with the second half of the season approaching, I was paying close attention to Maddy’s facial expressions and answers to see if I could get any insight on what’s to come. Let me just say, that she kept a tight lip! However, it was super insightful to hear her take on the other characters on the series and what  “Amy” is feeling in certain situations. Like during the epic dinner scene last episode! We needed to know how Amy felt when Natalie got “outed” by Noa Hamilton. 

Maddy replied “On one hand Amy is just excited to be at the dinner.  She definitely likes Natalie, but they are very nervous, they are nervous together, there are a lot of questions as to where their relationship is heading”. Honestly, to be a fly on the wall at that iconic Garcia dinner last week…ugh…I would die. Maddy also talks about her theory on how Amy came out to her parents, since we don’t get to see much of Amy’s backstory this season. 

You guys reading this need to check out the interview.  The link is down below, and you can follow Madelyn on Instagram! I hope you guys are enjoying our aftershow and keep watching, as we may or may not have some more special guests on the panel in the near future! 

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