Lyne Renée Calls Motherland: Fort Salem’s General Alder Georgina Washington

On Motherland: Fort Salem, Lyn Renee is the Embodiment of Female Power, squaring off in witch wars with Sheryl Lee Ralph & Kylee Brown 

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Posted On: May 17th, 2020 11:32 am pst

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Motherland: Fort Salem is filled with powerful women. Most are witch soldiers training in America’s military to bolster their power, and leading them is a matriarch as old as America herself, General Alder. For having crossed the Delaware and setting forth the history of the nation, actress Lyne Renée (Deep State, Madam Secretary) described her character as “Georgina Washington” when discussing the incredibly strong role with AfterBuzz TV:

“When I got the audition I was like ‘There’s no way I can pull that off.’ I’m Belgian, I come from the countryside and I have to play an American general. On top of that she’s a witch; that’s a challenge. But then again, I love a challenge because I get to grow from it as an actor. Because I always wanna get myself out of my comfort zone, and Alder is the opposite of my comfort zone.”

Now more than ever the character is out of Renée’s comfort zone. The most recent episode revealed her possessing the United States’ President in a scene so intense Renée almost passed out several times during filming. Nevertheless, the part may have initially ‘scared the bejesus’ out of Renée, but after some time taping Fort Salem, she revels in the contest.

“I love that there’s a dark side coming into Alder. I loved playing it, I love challenging an audience, I love challenging myself.”

It’s not just her part challenging her either. Renée cited scenes where Sheryl Lee Ralph’s President Wade hissed back at her entourage during a face-off between the two actors, as well as a stare down with young actress Kylee Brown and the power she exuded on set.

Still, the General is the primary power source for both Fort Salem and Lyne Renée. When asked what she has learned about herself during her time with the character, she stated:

“She’s given me so much power and somehow it’s resonated in my personal life. After playing Alder for six months, I stepped into life with a new sense of strength.”

Renée went on to equate General Alder, wise with accrued centuries of experience, as a personification of female empowerment:

“We had to fight for our rights, we had to fight to vote, we had to fight to a voice, and she represents that everything. And that for me was the most incredible thing to play her; to portray a woman who has all that power.”

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The General certainly is putting up a fight against those who resist her. The debate over Alder’s motives still lingers, but there is no denying it was a huge moment for the series and one which spoke of the potential might of the Fort Salem’s leader. Even so, Renée had the final word when she said:

“It makes for great storytelling.”

The final episode of Motherland: Fort Salem airs Wednesday night at 9pm on Freeform.

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