Luenell Reveals Depression Sparked by Nipsey Hussle’s Death

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7/09/19 7:43am

EXCLUSIVE – Nipsey Hussle’s death hit many celebrities, athletes, and musicians hard, but one is opening up about the emotions she continued to struggle with in the weeks following.

“I just came out of a depression that started on March 31st with the assassination of Nipsey Hussle,” said Luenell Campbell.

Luenell opened up about her sadness on AfterBuzz TV’s AfterBuzz Tonite with Jesse Janedy. Not only did she suffer through Nipsey’s death, but shortly afterwards, her publicist and John Singleton also passed away.

For Luenell, Hussle’s murder reminded her of so many before.

“I’ve lived through seven since I’ve been born,” revealed Luenell. “I was little but I’ve been alive since, uh, Medgar [Evers], and Malcolm [X], and King [Martin Luther King, Jr], and [John F.] Kennedy, and [Robert] Kennedy, and B.I.G. and [2] Pac. That’s seven. This is the eighth shit I’ve gone through that is life-changing and traumatic, but this one really, really, really, really, really fucked us up.

It wasn’t just Luenell who suffered. It was also her family.

“This was the first assassination I’ve gone through with my daughter and I had to hear her cry, and look at her tears,” said an emotional Luenell. ” Especially because I’m in the community. I don’t live, you know, in the Valley. I live two blocks from the fucking Marathon shop. We are eating this shit every day. Every wall has a mural, every billboard is a “Victory Lap.” You know? It’s like he’s the king of the area.”

While nothing will bring Nipsey back, everyone hopes he inspired a younger generation to rise up.

“The legacy that he left about maybe trying to buy something or build something or get your education or do something right. Quit banging and being stupid,” encouraged Luenell. “Put yourselves together. Crips, Bloods, let’s, let’s take this shit over, you know, and quit falling into the trap.

Luenell hopes that encouragement flows into politics, and that those in the neighborhood will run for office and upend the current system.

“I really think that if you can be a gangster and run a gangster empire, or if you can be a gangster and turn your life around like a Jay-Z or a Nas or something like that, you can be a gangster in these motherfucking politics,” said Luenell.

Much more was said in the AfterBuzz Tonite show. For the full interview, click on the link above!

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