Luchando Con Lilian Garcia

For 15 years, Lilian Garcia worked with some of the best athletes in the world, WWE Superstars. They put their bodies on the line 300+ days a year to entertain us. She loves and respects them so much, yet… she realized she didn’t know anything about them, their lives and the obstacles they broke through to get into professional wrestling! ‘Luchando con Lilian Garcia’ is a platform for Superstars, past, present and future, to share their story and the journey of what it takes to be a Superstar in this business. It will be primarily in Spanish to connect with the Latino population and will be Real, Raw and Inspiring conversations; offering the viewer a genuine connection to the person behind the performer. ‘Luchando con Lilian Garcia’ will leave you cheering and rooting for that stars’ life and dreams!


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