Low Winter Sun After Show

The Low Winter Sun After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of AMC’s Low Winter Sun.

Show Summary: The line between cops and criminals is sometimes blurry. When human nature intercedes and a man is forced to take matters into his own hands, there’s not a badge big enough that will stop him. Detroit homicide detective Frank Agnew is used to helping others, but he can’t help himself when a loved one is abruptly taken from him by a corrupt element. Vengeance gets the better of Agnew, and now he finds himself and his career at the mercy of fellow detective Joe Geddes, a smart but slimy veteran cop whose misdeeds may involve covered-up murders. “Low Winter Sun” — a gritty, dark drama played out amid Detroit’s underworld — is based on the 2006 award-winning British miniseries of the same name.


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