‘Love,Victor’ Announced Their Second Season

‘Love, Victor’ announced their second season to be on Hulu. Will we learn about Victor, Mia, Andrew, Lake, Felix, and Pilar?

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Posted On: August 10th, 2020 8:36 pm pst

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Love, Victor premiered on Hulu June 19 and it quickly became popular. It was one of the top shows that most Hulu subscribers were watching. 

With a strong season finale, us fans needed there to be a season two! It was finally announced August 7th that we would be getting a second season of Love, Victor!

Here are some of our favorite moments from season one in no particular order:

Victor and Simon finally meeting was a fantastic moment. A lot of people were anticipating this before the show started but I wasn’t expecting that moment to happen in season one. It was very wholesome when these two characters met making this one of the top moments that happened this past season. 

Benji’s band performing was another amazing moment. This whole time we’ve been waiting to see Victor get closer to Benji and be comfortable with who he is, and this moment is a step towards that. Plus who doesn’t love Benji’s band and their music taste.

Lake finally asking Felix to dance as king and queen was another fantastic moment. Felix being in love with Lake the entire show, we didn’t expect them to actually get together by the end. It just showed that it isn’t about popularity, but about the heart. Felix showed Lake his heart and was always so kind to her, and she finally noticed it and let the whole school see her feelings for him.

Pilar and Mia’s loving relationship. Because Victor and Mia started dating, Mia and Pilar began to develop a cute friendship. Mia starts lending things over to Pilar, which just warms everyone’s heart since Pilar is not getting accustomed to Atlanta life. Hopefully their friendship doesn’t break thanks to the season finale.

Last but not least, Victor coming out to Felix. Coming out isn’t easy, especially in a situation like Victor’s where he is the protector of the family, and from a more conservative environment. Him finally coming out to his best friend, and Felix responding the way he did, and everything just being so positive, is really just heartwarming.

There are also a lot of questions that need to be answered in the next season. For example, is Mia and Victor’s friendship down the drain forever? Are Mia and Andrew going to get together? How is Lake’s mom going to react to Felix? Is Pilar ever going to be comfortable in Atlanta? And the biggest question…how did Victor’s family react?

Tweet us what you think will happen in season two!

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