Cameron Hamilton of Love is Blind on Netflix and Hanging With The Hamiltons on Youtube Shares His Tiger King Inspired Cocktail In Recent Video

Written by: Toree Weaver – April 21st, 2020 9:39pm pst


Whether you would like to admit it or not, we’ve all been obsessed with Love Is Blind! So much so, that we have probably binged it for the second time now that we’re self-quarantining.

Whether we are counting how many glasses of wine Jessica drinks in a single episode, picking a side in the Damien and Giannina fights, or simply gushing over Lauren and Cameron, the series had us hooked and wanting more even when the cameras stopped rolling. 

As we wait for the second season, the cast of season one is answering our prayers, providing us with more content about their lives and relationships. While many have petitioned for a Lauren and Cameron spin off, the couple has launched a YouTube channel to hold us over.

Recently, Cameron Hamilton uploaded a tutorial detailing how to make a Tiger King inspired cocktail. Don’t we love when members from our favorite shows love our other favorite shows?! After asking the viewers “what they think Joe Exotic is up to?” or “what really happened to Carol Baskin’s husband?”, Cameron shared that the recipe was inspired by the popular “Tiger Blood” snow cone flavor. The Tiger Blood snow cone syrup consists of watermelon, strawberry, and a hint of coconut. Sorry to anyone who thought I was going to say tiger’s blood. 

To recreate Cameron’s remix on this concession cocktail, here’s what you’ll need: strawberry and watermelon vodka, coconut rum, sour mix, cherry grenadine, and something to mix it together. Readers (of legal drinking age) are free to try his measurements below or add their own flare. 

½ shot of watermelon vodka 

½ shot of strawberry vodka 

1 shot of coconut rum 

Dash of cherry grenadine 

1 ½ shot of sour mix 

This short and sweet video is the first upload of the “Cam’s Kitchen” series. The budding mixologist has asked viewers and supporters to suggest what other cocktails they want to see on the Hamilton’s channel. While we wait for more treats, the wedded couple have some amazing videos featuring Q&As, funny skits, and storytimes. 

To see more of the couple be sure to subscribe to their YouTube “Hanging With The Hamiltons” and follow their personal social media accounts. Lauren can be found on Instagram and Twitter @need4lspeed and TikTok @theelaurenspeed. You can find Cameron on Instagram @cameronreidhamilton and Twitter @camrhamilton. The two are always on live chatting and answering fan questions, so I promise you won’t regret clicking the follow button.  

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Toree Weaver is an AfterBuzz TV host with a passion for glamour and kingdoms. When she isn’t modeling or dancing, she can be found binge watching shows from Gossip Girl to Game of Thrones.

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