Love Is Blind & Netflix’s Cameron Hamilton Gifts Wife A New Car

 Love Is Blind and Netflix’s Cameron Hamiltons surprises wife with her dream car on the 25th Anniversary of Clueless and Mark Cuevas goes on a fun date with his new girlfriend

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Posted On: July 28th, 2020 8:57 pm pst

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Love Is Blind on Netflix showed us that there are several ways we can find love. Whether it’s through dating apps, mutual friends, or talking to someone in a pod; romance is still alive. While we watched the show, we saw some of our favorite participants get married as others continued their search for love. Although, they had one of the rockiest relationships on the show, Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas didn’t let their experiences stop them from finding love. The two have made headlines earlier this summer after rumors broke about Mark cheating on Jessica during filming and on former cast mate Lauren “LC” Chamblin. After the rumors subsided, Mark has seemed to settle down with his new mystery girlfriend.  

Mark Cuevas and LC’s relationship quickly came to an end after a Reddit user posted about him dating another woman. We’re not sure if his current girlfriend is the same person he was rumored to be seeing while dating LC but at this point, it doesn’t seem to matter. The two have been displaying a lot of PDA and finding creative ways to enjoy each other’s company. 

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Beach bums 🏝

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In a recent YouTube video, Mark brought viewers along on a surprise date that his partner planned for them. The two went on a sip and paint but it was far from the ones you might have seen or attended. Cuevas was hesitant when he found out he would be painting after he admitted that he’s not the best visual artist. His concern quickly turned into enthusiasm when he was told they would be throwing paint on each other and walls while enjoying champagne and chocolate. Covered in paint, the couple confirmed they had a great time and jokingly added that it is a great way to settle any issues in a relationship. 

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With the help of @gocarvana, I surprised Lauren with her dream car – a white Jeep Wrangler just like the one Cher drove in #Clueless on the 25th anniversary of the movie!🎉Lauren has been dreaming about this Jeep since she was eight, and I am so happy @gocarvana and I were able to make it happen. The ability to order the vehicle online from their website and have it delivered to our driveway made it possible to surprise her without raising her suspicions 😎 They even went the extra mile by throwing in some Clueless-themed extras like a beret and some feathery pens. It was priceless to see how happy the surprise made her. Thank you @gocarvana for helping make this dream a reality and making the purchase process so easy!

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Love and surprise romantic gestures have definitely been in the air, as Cameron Hamilton also had some tricks up his sleeve recently. Cameron revealed that his wife, Lauren Speed Hamilton, has wanted a white Jeep similar to the one in the movie Clueless since the movie’s release. He finally made her dreams come true and gifted her the car on the film’s 25th anniversary. Although this was enough to make his wife jump for joy, the treats didn’t stop there. Cameron teamed with Carvana to fill the car with details from the movie including a beret and fluffy pens. I mean, does the couple ever stop providing us with quality content? Lauren couldn’t hold in her excitement while she sang with supermodel, Jill Sobule and drove her brand-new whip to get the couple some breakfast. 

 We wonder what other surprise dates and gifts the cast has in store for the rest of the week. For more Love is Blind news and updates, follow the Afterbuzz TV Loves Love is Blind series and share our stories with other people who are still obsessed with the show. 

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